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Demonic Portal

The Demonic Portal is an event in the Anomalous Sector that spawns demons from a portal, infinitely.

The crew's objective is to kill as many demons as possible to reap as much rewards as possible.

Isle in the astral.png

The Demonic Portal has a 1 out of 4 chance to spawn. It will spawn at every 30th minute interval, and ends after 25 minutes.

The Demonic Portal has a default demon spawnspeed of 3 per 20 seconds.

This can be sped up to 5 per 20 seconds, depening on how many ships there are inside the Anomalous Sector.

  • 1 ship: 3/20s.

  • 2 ships: 4/20s.

  • 3 ships: 5/20s.

  • 4 ships: 5/20s.

  • 5 ships: 5/20s.

  • 6 ships: 6/20s.

  • 7 ships: 6/20s.

Demonic Portal.PNG

For every demon you kill, you get your reward counter going up.

Your crew is rewarded for a certain amount of kills being made.

  • 1 chest: 20 kills.

  • 2 chests: 50 kills.

  • 3 chests: 100 kills.

  • 4 chests: 170 kills.

  • 5 chests: 250 kills.

5 being the maximum.

It's also worth noting that the chests received from this event will not reduct your Anomalous Sector timer, so it's very good to do events in general.

Demonic Portal.PNG
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