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Welcome to the Demonologist guide!

The Demonologist is one out of the four tank classes in the game. The Tank Demonologist consists out of a load of health, strapped in a ridiculous amount of damage mitigations. No special tank mechanics whatsoever in comparison to the 3 other tank classes. The DPS Demonologist is a master at AOE, if not the best. Using it's human form to AOE everything he's got. using its 3 other forms, everything becomes single target based. The Predator form offers a high DPS with moderate mitigation of incoming damage. The Fury form offers that same high DPS, but with a higher mobility at the cost of becoming more vulnerable. The Giant form reduces that high DPS and mobility for a maximum increase in survivabilty. I don't need to tell you that because of its 4 forms, the Demonologist is extremely flexible and is prepared for every different situation.

The Demonologist is a cloth class.

Demonologist Human.png
Demonologist forms5.png

The official Allods Online video announcing the Demonologist class.

The PvE DPS build

Demo_Talent tree.PNG
Demo_1st grid.PNG
Demo_2nd grid.PNG
Demo_3rd grid.PNG

The PVE DPS role consists out of playing both Fury and Predator. The Fury has a higher mobility, and burst at the start. The Predator is a more defensive DPS form with a higher burst at the end. How's that work? To play the PVE DPS correctly, you'd start in the Fury form, while being invisible from Quiet Step. This will allow you to attack from the shadows, literally, and get the Shadow Hunter buff. We will be able to extend this by another 15s by using Veil of Shadow after our first Shadow Hunter expired. There are some conditions to get this Shadow Hunter buff. You must deal damage while invisible to get the buff. Popping certain buffs will remove your invisibility and thus will not yield you the Shadow Hunter buff when you deal damage right after applying the buffs. Such buffs are Astral Mutation. A good workaround I found is using the World Mystery: "The Phantom Menace". This will teleport us to the target while retaining invisibility. It comes with its dangers, such as immediate circles or cones at the start of combat, but you will learn those as you play. Mania is another buff you should be using at the start, that doens't remove your invisibility. Now that you understand why the Fury is a great starter, we'll shift ourselves into the Predator form after having exploited the Shadow Hunter buff twice. The Predator is safer overall for the majority of the fights as it withstands more damage, but it's also the only form that has acces to the Last Ritual ability.

Granted that Last Ritual is only usable when the target is below 30%, you could either remain on Fury for that extra mobility, or switch to the Predator form if the boss is a more stationary target, so that you reduce the risk of dying on AOE mechanics. The main point I want you to learn here is that you play Fury form at the start of bossfights with the Shadow Hunter buffs, and Predator form at the end to start spamming Last Rituals

What about the inbetween combat? 

The Demonologist is a fun DPS class because it's not like most DPS classes, with a certain rotation you follow infinitely. The Demonologist plays with a priority system. As some abilities reset cooldowns, or make other abilities available via generating its resource: Obsession. A priority rotation means that you spam the best ability available, until you run out of said resources or it goes on a cooldown, and then start spamming the next. Quite simply put, you should execute following abilities in this priority. This applies to both single and AOE.

The DPS rotation

Demo rotation2.png




Aoe-Seal Of Chaos.gif

Seal of Chaos

The Class resource: Obsession

Dark Fire, Seal of Chaos, Torment and Desecration

Now, we try to stay away from Desecration because it's not a good damage ability. It's main purpose is to refill Obsession, but we have other tools to refill Obsession too. Tide of Madness, Rift of Pain, Shadow Flight and Perennial Hunger are all at our disposal. Tide of Madness is off our GCD, so I recommend spamming this whenever we're <140 Obsession. Rift of Pain is something that only your Giant form has acces to, so I use this always before combat to prepare my Obsession. 

I wouldn't swap to it midcombat because that'd result in a DPS loss. Shadow Flight, just like Rift of Pain, is usually done before combat to prepare the Obsession. You could use it as an alternative if your "The Phantom Menace" is on cooldown, as this teleports us to the target without removing our Invisibility, and thus yielding still bonus Obsession. "Perennial Hunger" is our other World Mystery. That means it shares a cooldown with our "The Phantom Menace", and that's conflicting, so I recommend only using "The Phantom Menace". it also turns our World Mysteries into a 5 minute cooldown rather than a 1 minute cooldown by using "The Phantom Menace", so I consider "The Phantom Menace" a more bang for your buck ability.


The PvP DPS build

Demo_Talent treePvP.PNG
Hero Killer Desc.png

When we talk about PvP, the rotation/priority of abilities remains the same.

There are some utlities we have in PvE, that will become more important and used in PvP. I'd think about Temptation, which is a great combo to do with Soul Devourer and Sigil of Decay. Apotheosis to combine with Reincarnation.

We're going to try line up a maximum of Obsession to optimize damage in the right conditions (Vulnerability on the target).

The Hero Killer is something we'll use all the time in PvP. It allows us to be a lot tankier while still dealing a ton more damage than we'd be doing on Predator form. But, we need to be attacked for that.

That's an easy case in small scale PvP such as Battle of Ambrosia, Rating&Training PvP and Dominions.

But for open world and Battlegrounds PvP, you might not benefit from this a lot, and thus remain in Predator form. It all depends how often you get focused with direct attacks.

Temptation is something we'll use to pull players into our Sigil Decay. Also works great for pulling people into Turrets or Traps in Battle of Eden.

Demonic Onslaught is a great mitigation and slow in one to use.

Just be sure not to spam it as it would end the animation early, and miss out on some duration of the 30% mitigation. You can attack while the animation is going.

Soul Devourer is a great heal ability that also increases your max health for a bit, combine that with Apotheosis and you got a very nice preparation for Reincarnation and Expurgation. I'd make sure I've got a Veil of Madness when using Expurgation because it will make you vulnerable for a bit. And incase you might get cc'd, throw in a Ill Will before going for the round 2 :D

Seal of Dessication is something you won't be seeing in PvE. It can heal nicely and keep you longer on the battlefield. Especially if you pick the squishy players first.

Giant form

PvE TANK build

Demo_Talent treePvP.PNG

Tanking as a Demonologist feels quite robust. You're a big pack of health stacking up numerous mitigations to slow down going to 0.

Your mitigations are:

Veil of Darkness: This is your main mitigation. 40% mitigation + a -20% outgoing damage by all mobs inside your radius, except for Red Rings and mobs immune to CC's. Duration can be extended to permanent uptime with Torturer's Blade via the Eternal Night ruby.

Torturer's Blade: Builds up your Wall of Blades, reducing incoming damage by 5% per stack. Stacks up to 5.

Torment: Gives the Shackles of Agony buff (ruby effect). Another 15% mitigation.

Astral Plan: An insane 75% mitigation! But doesn't work Physical Damage. Usually great for AOE's that are mostly Elemental Damage.

Demonic Onslaught: Gives another 30% mitigation as long as you're charging.

Veil of Madness: A 60% mitigation used as a tool rather than a rotation. Consider it a panic button.

Sphere of Negation: The same as Veil of Madness. Giving an extra CC immunity duration, at the cost of not being able to do anything else while channeling Sphere of Negation.

Spamming Torturer's Blade is going to take Obsession, a lot of it.

Obsession refillers we recommend using are:

Rift of Pain: Refills 50 Obesession. Also gives 2 stacks of Wall of Blades (5% mitigation) via the Wall of Pain ruby.

Tide of Madness: A total of 100 Obsession split in 50 upon use, and 50 in the next 10 seconds.

Dark Fire: Refills 20 Obsession, and an AOE dot via the Omnivorous Flame rubies.

Torment: Great ability! Next to serving as a mitigation, also restores 15 Obsession.

Desecration: As a last resort, gives 10 Obsession. Usually, you shouldn't be needing it, the others should suffice.

My hint to manage your Obsession whilst tanking would be to prioritize the lowest cooldown 1st.

So that should go 1) Torment, 2) Dark Fire, 3) Tide of Madness and 4) Rift of Pain. Again, Desecration only if you have no Obsession to use Torturer's Blade.

We've also got some great tools.

Ill Will: It's a CC immunity by default, but with the Will of Chaos ruby, becomes a great tool to help us tank. Shows that you love your healer too!

Apotheosis: Is a variant of Ill Will. I recommend using it before Reincarnation too, because Reincarnation is based on your maximum hp%, and thus heals a greater value. I simply considered them a combo package.

As you can see, quite an arsenal to keep the damage at bay.

But how does it all play out?

You'll always want to pop Veil of Darkness and charge in with Demonic Onslaught at every start of combat. Try to let the Demonic Onslaught play out. Don't end it yourself, so as to get the most out of it. With Thunder Onslaught (ruby), you're going to give a fat AOE knockdown on top of it. Consider the Conviction stat (Increases CC durations) and you're a mean CC tank that lets mobs do very little.

Hint: 750 Conviction makes Demonic Onslaught apply AOE Knockdown for 8s. Cooldown on 

Demonic Onslaught is 16s. That's half time full CC on your mobs.

Once you're in the pack, you want to focus on spamming Torturer's Blade to keep Veil of Darkness from expiring.

Ofcourse, it requires Obsession, so you'll want to use the biggest refillers to save as many GCD's as possible for the Torturer's Blade.

If for any reason you fail to keep Veil of Darkness up, remember that you're always going to have mitigations active such as 5 times Wall of Blades (5%/stack), Shackles of Agony (15%) and periodically Demonic Onslaught (30%) followed by an AOE 8s Knock Down which basically is a 100% mitigation, as mobs are rendered unable to do anything.

Next to all that, you still have Veil of Madness and Sphere of Negation as panic buttons to overlap the Veil of Darkness downtime.

And if all that wasn't enough, you can still help your healer out with Ill Will, Apotheosis and Reincarnation.

It's a great utlity tank that feels quite flexibile, it simply lacks the damage a Warrior tank brings to the battlefield.

Many tank changes are coming when 14.0 hits our live servers, so be sure to come check out the changes then.

About the Demonologist stats

Stats, that scary math that every player tries to avoid when they look for exactly the serenity and peace. But not you! You're that player that goes the extra mile to finetune their damage, or healing, and thus want to learn about stats.

You've come to the right place!

First of, stats will change for Demonologist, Supremacy in particular when 14.0 hits, so be sure to check out the updates later when it's live on EU servers.

It's also worth noting that certain ratios of stats might be hard to come by, as the amount you have available to you increases over time, as new layers unlock, more stats become available from your gear.

So try adjusting the stats accordingly while respecting the ratio's.

To continue off with stats, you'll want to use an addon called StatManager.

This little helpful thing helps you manage and change stats in a wink!

Be it different stat setups you want to try out, different ratios, or different specs between DPS'ing and tanking, you'll want to use StatManager.

You can download StatManager here.

if you want a quick guide on how it works, that can be seen here.

Demonologist PvE DPS.

The PvE DPS is rather simple, as goes for most DPS classes that you cannot go wrong with.

A 1/2/1 ratio on your base stats is almost always good enough, and finetuning that brings very rarely big difference in terms of performance, but don't let that stop you!

A 1/2/1 ratio means after spending your available stats in what's important, you split the rest according to the ratio into your base stats.

So that you become something like this on the right side.

Having this ratio of stats for a DPS role ensures the most optimal performance on any situation. It's a jack of all trades thing.

Determination is your most important stat as that contributes the most to your damage, so that's the highest stat.

Why not go all in to Determination then? Because the stats in Allods Online multiply eachother. Meaning that you get better results having a little bit in everything rather than having some on 0.

 With that idea in mind, some Luck and Supremacy would be good too.

Those are your most important stats that you take care of before dumping the remains into base stats and padding that ratio.

We recommend somewhere between 300 and 500 luck.

As for Supremacy, between 500 and 750. 750 is the so called soft cap. From that point on, the stat diminishes and your spent stats become less valuable.

Demonologist PvE TANK.

The PvE TANK is a completely different ballgame when it comes to stats.

Basically no base stats matter anymore.

Looking at our secondary stats, we want to use Conviction and Supremacy.

Conviction will make our CC's last a lot longer, very important for our Demonic Onslaught.

It also works for our Aoidos Fire, so that's a nice bonus.

Supremacy is used to generate Obsession. So that we can spam that Torturer's Blade easily and often to increase our Veil of Darkness duration.

750 for both is highly recommended. It really doesn't matter what you do after that with your stats xD

Demonologist PvP DPS.

PvP in general will have different stats than PvE. Start seeing why that StatManager could come in useful?

Determination is a great stat for damage, but it doesn't work if that Determination bar doesn't go across 66%. Based on the damage dealt, the bar increases, easily.

In PvP however, your damage is reduced by about 90%, so Determination really only works on AOE, and even then you got to be dealing some serious damage.

So we'd mainly avoid Determination and focus on Proficiency and Brutality, along with some Secondaries.

The rule for PvP is 1/1 ratio for Proficiency and Brutality after having set up your secondaries.

For Demonologist secondary, we'll take 500 Luck and 500 Supremacy.

As for PvE DPS defensive stats, you'll want to reach 999 Bloodlust.

This will ensure to maximize your self healing that depends on your damage done. It will help you survive many things in dungeons, raids and openworld quests.

Once that's done, go for some 500 Caution.

This will avoid getting onehit from a lot of things.

As last, the rest of your stats can go into Vitality.

As you've got more Vitality, your Caution will become more valuable too, as it covers a bigger portion since it's a % value.

For PvE TANK defensive stats, we want to focus on Vitality and Survivability.

Considering Survivability has a lower soft cap, we'll utilize that first. 750 there.

What we have left can go into Vitality.

Caution is not as good for tanks as they rarely get oneshot.

For PvP DPS defensive stats, you will most definitely get 500 Caution.

Then considering wether you have a healer or not, 750 Survivability and the rest to Vitality.

If you don't have a healer, take everything to Vitality instead.

Consumables, help yourself!

Now, I am not saying getting drunk is a good thing, but drinking certain concoctions could have benefits!

The consumables are pretty general and none really class specific.

Damage Consumables

Heavenly Tonic of Concentration (Alchemy): Generally a good potion for solo content such as Trial of Blood, Openworld and random PvP. It applies Valiance so bear in mind you'll have to set your stats specific for that. It does conflict with your support if they run Power, so try not messing with that.

Heavenly Potion of Proficiency/Determination/Brutality (Alchemy): Use these if you're a mixed damage class. Meaning, your overall damage consists out of more than 1 damage type.

Examples are Scout doing Elemental and Poison, Summoner doing Poison and Holy.

The Demonologist wants to use Determination for PvE, and Proficiency or Brutality for PvP.

If you are a single damage class, then use these instead (Do not stack with Prof, deter or Bruta potions).

Arcanum of Elemental/Physical/Natural/Holy Damage (Al Rihat): Increases specific damage types by 5%.

Single damage class examples are Warrior as Physical, Mage as Elemental.

You can easily see what damage types you do via a DPSmeter.

The Demonologist is a mixed class doing Physical and Holy damage.

Small healing potions & mitigations - all these share cooldowns.

Heavenly Potion of Healing (Alchemy): Restores a fixed amount, great for any role but tanks. Tanks are better of using Decoction of Astral Aegis or Infinite Tonic of Magical Armor. These share cooldown but the damage they will reduce is most likely more than the healing you'd receive.

Decoction of Astral Aegis (Order): Reduces all incoming damage by 30% for 8s. 

Alchemists can craft variants of Decoction of Astral Aegis per damage type.

Infinite Tonic of Magical Armor (Mini-seasonal compass rating): Same as Decoction of Astral Aegis, but is not on your GCD and only absorbs Physical instead of everything.

As a Demonologist, you want to use Heavenly Potion of Healing unless you have a healer, then it's better to use Decoction of Astral Aegis.

Healing potions & mitigations - all these share cooldowns.

Heavenly Potion of Restoration (Alchemy): Restores a % amount, great for everyone.

Heavenly Potion of Absorption (Alchemy): Use these if you got a healer to avoid overhealing.

Vial of Areisa's Blood (Mini-seasonal compass rating): Special heal potion as a reward from compass ratings given at each end of a layer. It has an infinite use until the end of the current layer, and comes with a HOT instead of a full pump heal and a self puri.


Infinite Potion of Astral Vision: Very good for PvP scenario's. Works everywhere.

Stat food

Stat food in general exists in many forms, but does the same in general.

You've can have 2 active, one offensive and one defensive.

Which are which is based on their stat. Do they give an offensive stat? Then it's offensive food.

As new patches unlock, where you get them and itemname change, but the effect is always the same.

Currently in 13.1, you can get them from Eden, and as always from your Order NPC in Astral Academy.

Offensive food

Defensive food

A final word

First of, we want to thank you for reaching the end of this guide.

It takes a good chunk of time and effort to make this guide, just like any other guides we made.

If there were things you'd doubt or think are incorrect, We'd be more than glad to hear about it and make the adjustments.

Every class develops infintely and so changes are inevitable. Hence, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy on every class guide, but we strive for exactly that.

If you feel like giving a person thank you, you can reach us via the footer or head over to our donations page.

Thank you again, and we hope we made you a better player :)

PvE DPS build
PvE DPS rotation
Class resource: Obsession
PvP DPS build
PvE TANK build
A final word!
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