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Welcome to the Mage guide!

The Mage is a favorite among many that still reminds all of us how great it was back in the days!

Alas, nothing great lasts forever and that shows here again.

The Mage is a single target version of the Psionicist and just like the Psi, is 1 of the 2 classes that resembles nothing else in this game than just being a DPS.

Even less so in PvP with the removal of the Suppression gameplay.

It's a devastating class to play however in the PvP scene, as it is able to literally annihilate enemies with just a few abilities well coordinated.

It's hard to balance classes that offer little utility and that shows here again.

Demonologist Predator form created by

Demonologist forms5.png


The PvE DPS build

Demo_Talent tree.PNG
Demo_1st grid.PNG
Demo_2nd grid.PNG
Demo_3rd grid.PNG

Demo rotation2.png


Aoe-Seal Of Chaos.gif

PvE DPS ratio.PNG

The build
Class resource
A final word!
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