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The astral

Astral ships are if not, the most unique aspect about the game. Huge machines you use to fly around like futuristic ships, to conquer and explore the astral. The astral is something like space, but then in the Allods universe.

There are tons of activities you can do in the astral on your astral ship.

We'll cover them all here, but to name a few, there is Monster Den, Trade Route, Demon killing, Ship PvP, Ship Escorting, Invading astral isles, Destroying enemy turrets, etc.

They are a good income of gold too. And next to gold, there are specific vendors that offer vanity, alternative currencies, mounts and upgrades.

The main hub for players to gather and prepare before going to the astral could be the Astral Hangar, but mostly it's now the Astral Academy. It's a lot more spacious, offers more vendors, looks better. It just feels like a hub.

The Astral
Goods for Astral Nuggets.PNG
The Demon Hunter
Goods for Astral Nuggets2.PNG

The Astral Academy

There are loads of things you can do and find in the Astral Academy.

Starting with some vendors, there is the Demon Hunter which might be the most important NPC.

You can see on the left what she has to offer.

Goods for Astral Nuggets

First of all, Astral Nuggets is the currency you'll work mostly with.
Astral Nuggets can be gained by doing the quest "Astral Hunt", as just farming demons out in the astral with your astral trap activated. That's the device on your topdeck.
Killing demons will make it absorb their energy and generate chests in your storage. Delivering these back to the hangar/academy will give you Astral Nuggets.

Activating the Astral Trap.PNG

Most of my own Astral Nuggets come from Particles of Anomalous Matter. That's a currency you get by doing Anomalous Sector. 1 of these give you 15 Astral Nuggets.
The gold you can buy from the Astral Nuggets is a steady income, and it's 100% recommended to have the Astral Conqueror and Astral Wolf spark rubies.
WARNING: Buy the Astral Nuggets for Particles of Anomalous Matter 1 at a time. Buying them in mass (Shift+Right click) will bypass the Spark rubies.

Spark rubies - Astral Conqueror.PNG
Spark rubies - Astral Wolf.PNG

I've no idea why you'd want to buy Astral Nuggets of the previous layer. Unsure why that's there at all.
If we look at the Demon Hunter's Breakfast and Astralonaut's Strong Rum, then I can only recommend the Vitality food from your order vendor or Al-Rihat.
The Symbol of Experience could be used for levelling your Reincarnations, especially during a bonus Smile of Fortune.

Goods for Anomalous Emanations and Particles of Matter

Goods for Anomalous Emanations and Particles of Matter1.PNG

These goods offer both vanity as useful items!
and there are 3 currencies at play here.

Emanations of the Mysterious Astral, can be gained from finding random anomalies in the open astral as in Anomalous Sector. Doing Monster Den yields you 3 per kill, there is 1 for each active layer, spawning once a day. And then another 1 for completing the quest "Astral becomes safer".

Particle of Anomalous Matter, is a currency you get inside Anomalous Sector. Simply collecting the chests spawning there, and doing the events that spawn every half hour.

Emanation of Unexplored Astral, is a currency you can't do much with aside from getting a costume. The Improved Astral Trap would be a waste, for there is a better one to buy with Emanations of the Mysterious Astral.
This currency can be acquired from the "Unstable Emanations of the Dark Astral on the 2nd page.

Goods for Anomalous Emanations and Particles of Matter2.PNG

All the rhino's in this vendor are mounts. If you already have the mount, then you simply receive the skin.

As said before, the Experimental Astral Trap is the best of both at display.

Ship Coupons are used to decorate your ship and give it your personal touch, from sails to inside changes.
To change your ship's skin, I'd advise your guild's Stronghold vendor.

The Anomalous Bomb is a PvP item that's mostly used to explode your enemies' Reactor. It can also be used in Anomalous Sector on the event "Ghost Ship" to stop them from firing their cannons at you. Very handy.

The Box of the Demon Hunters is a very bad bang for your buck. It's ultimately just Battlegrounds Currency and when you compare the gold you get from that purchase compared to the gold you'd get spending them on Astral Nuggets, then on Gold Symbol, you're better off getting the Astral Nuggets.

The Strong Sheathing is used to add extra health to your ship's hull. It says that when you increase your ship's hull generation, it'd disappear, but from testing, it doens't. Consider it a good bug haha!

The Visor of Demon Hunters is nice as it levels up its generation with the server's progress. So basically it'd be a onetime purchase for the whole season, but the abilities that become special aren't so good. The rule remains, the best visor is the one dropped by the Archdemon.

Just as with the visor, the same goes for the Demon Hunters' Special Adaptive Artillery "Assault". A mouthful!
F2P has their own adaptive devices from Cash Shop boxes.
My own favorites are the Pike Artillery, for its range.

The Token of Sly Foxie is the only way to get the Sly Foxie mount. Takes a bit of time to scrap 'em all together.

As said with the previous Astral Trap, the Improved Astral Trap is not as good and there's no benefit in buying this one.

Unstable Emanations of the Dark Astral is what you'd get if you want to get the Astral Traveler costume and Astralonaut's headpiece.

The Symbol of Gold here is another alternative to dump your Emanation of Mysterious Astral currency into. It's the only option you have left when you bought everything else already haha! It gives the same amount of gold as the one you'd buy for Astral Nuggets.

The Handful of Nuggets is what you'd buy if you've nothing else to buy no more for Particles of Anomalous Matter. Basically our 2nd gold dump.
Remember to buy them 1 at a time for your Spark Rubies to work.

The Spiced Pancakes and Light Rum is not worth buying. It's cheaper getting them from your last storyzone. Currently that's Eden.

The Mystic's Shell's Color Pattern: Rakshas is optional. It's a shell skin, to be seen here.

The Demon Hunter.PNG

The Negotiant Trader

Next to the Demon Hunter NPC, there is also the Negotiant Trader. This is the same NPC as the one that stands at the Auction House and other cities.
You'll mostly used this to buy the Transforming Crystals of your current Generation to install ship devices and upgrade your ship's hull.

The Negotiant Trader
The Negotiant Trader.PNG

Steward, Master of Dominion Fighters

Dominion Fightes

The Steward is an old NPC!
This little guy offers the Dominion pets you can use during the Sunday Dominion Fights.
The Dominion pets are available for just gold.
Each pet is unique and has special traits. Every pet has Soul Affinity when summoned too. Soul Affinity makes 30% of incoming damage direct to your Dominion pet until it's gone.

  • Energy Crystal: Sees invisible enemies. Magic damage increased by 25% for group.

  • Giant Flail: Takes the 100% of the first 2 hits from owner. Decreases physical damage taken for group.

  • Herbal Infusion: Active ability to heal, and applies a 20s Heal Over Time.

  • Piercing Arrow: Active ability makes all allies invisible for a period.

  • Blood-Stained dagger: Increases physical damage dealt by group.

  • Enchanted Skull: Magic damage taken by group decreased.

The Dominion Medals were used to buy the Dominion Outfit, but that's no longer the case. The Medals have been removed from the game and it's no longer possible to receive these in any way.

Dominion Outfit.PNG
Steward, Master of Dominion Fighters.PNG

Caeda, Order Quartermaster

Order Quartermaster

The order vendor offers goods depending what rating you were in your order the previous cycle, as what rank you were in the Trial of Blood (Rating) the previous cycle.

More info on the order can be found here.

Caeda the Order Quartermaster.PNG

Afanasy Nikitov, the storyteller

For the lore enthusiasts
Afanasy stories.PNG
Afanasy heroic rating.PNG

Afanasy is an interesting NPC covering tens of stories about the different Allod Isles out in the astral.

Next to the stories, he can also tell you your current rating on the flying astral. This is the same rating you can see on the website here.

Afanasy the storyteller.PNG

Ermina de Delice, the gossip girl, xoxo

Similar to Afanasy, Ermina tells you stories about the lore, what has been and about the different races. She's good for lore enthusiasts to catch up on the story.

Ermina the gossip1.PNG
Ermina the gossip2.PNG

Lookout, Sculptor's Particle

Stronghold builder

Lookout is an Architect that came with 11.0.
It's the beginning for guilds to build their Strongholds, where they have to deliver Matter and have 35 players in their guild. More on Guild Stronghold can be read here later on.

He lets players enter his ship to deliver the matters. Once you've completed and made a stronghold, you'll have no more acces to the Architects ship floating above the Academy.



About Piers

You probably noticed some awesome looking ships docked at the Academy. These are player ships!
Players that manage to get one out of 5 pier pass from the monthly auction house, get to dock their ships in the academy for a month, along with some perks.
First off, the pier passes are just sold for gold at the Auction every 1st of the month. Highest bidder wins. There are 5 piers in total, for each faction.

Players that own a pier pass for a month, get following benefits:

  • Instant repair of the ship when docked in the academy.

  • A 5m cooldown teleport straight to the lauchpad on the ship.

  • The ability to teleport your group members to the launchpad on your ship. No cooldown, no limit of use.

The pier.jpg

The pier passes are tradeable when won from the auction, but once used, it's stuck to that player for a month.

The instant repairs when coming back to the academy does not speed up upgrading or building ships, neither upgrading Sheath or Hull.

Astral Patrol, dailies

Astral Patrol
  1. Astral Patrol: Heroic Adventure
    Do a flying heroic dungeon through the astral. You must complete it.

  2. Astral Patrol: Explore (un)favorable anomalies (agitated/peaceful Astral)
    This quest will be random too. There will be favorable or unfavorable anomalies. That means you'll have to fly through either buffs or debuffs. In astral, you'll have an ability to activate a scanner. That scanner applies a buff on your ship. Make sure to fly through the (de)buff with that scanner buff active.
    The kind of astral indicates what layer you need to go find them. Peaceful is green, Agitated is blue, x is epic layer.

  3. Astral Patrol: Etherium Solution
    This is another quest that can vary. Sometimes you need to buy Raw Etherium in the Hangar or Academy already, othertimes you need to buy a substance at the 1st or 2nd trading allod, and sell it in the next layer. The quest will tell you specifically what to do.

Ship Pirate.jpg

Astral Patrol is something you probably see being shouted, or simply AP.
Astral Patrol are daily quests anyone at max level can do.

They're a series of 3 quests that rotate with another 3 quests everyday.

On one day, there are these 3:

Astral Patrol dailies book.PNG

Then the other day, it's these 3 quests:

  1. Astral Patrol: Blobs of Anomalous Matter
    This is something you can only do in Anomalous Sector, and it requires you to collect 2 chests, and protect them until they spawn on your ship.

  2. Astral Patrol: Fragment Collection (Agitated/Peaceful Astral)
    This is a simple collection quest where you have to jump to the Ship graveyard of the specific layer and collect Hull Fragments. Look at what layer the quest says to jump to the right layer. Each layer has their own Ship Graveyard.

  3. Astral Patrol: Eliminate Astral Demons (Peaceful/Agitated Astral)
    Simply kill 20 demons, any type, in the specific layer again.

As final Astral Patrol quest, there is a weekly.
This weekly sure is worth completing each week, I'd go as far as on many characters as possible.
Gives a good bunch of World Elixir for your God's Legacy, as 5 Chests of the Adventurer.
Granted they can give some useless Amalgam, Dust and Ship crystals, the Crafting materials and AS particles sure are worth it.

Astral Patrol dailies Efrem.PNG
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