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Welcome to ISA!

With patch 14.0 hitting live servers on 30/03/2023, another zone has introduced itself to us, ISA!
ISA opens up a new storyline telling about the dangers to the Great Ash Tree, the lost birth place of the Gibberling and takes us down memorylane about where they come from, their past and a great story with Gerda.

In this article, we'll take you into ISA and delve you into its goodies, activities and lore!
Ready? Cause it's going to be frosty!

The goodies

As most of you will be interested in the goodies and collectibles, we'll cover those first.

At the beginning of ISA, not much was available yet. Only a mount and a pet.
Compared to Eden, it also had barely any achievements to do, We did know that costumes were coming from RU data, but they weren't available yet for EU.


Nutlet Family.PNG

Squirrel mount doing the /afk.

Showing the Nutlet Family.

The Squirrel mount can be bought from the Nutlet Family, located in Skalgard.

It'll cost you 2015 Gibbler, and no reputation is required.

It comes with a leap ability, similar to that of a Lion. Weirdly, it doesn't specify any numbers in its ability description.

It does however jump differently, as it seems to ignore line of sights and obstacles more. It definitely feels more free!

Nutlet Family vendor.PNG

Showing the Nutlet Family location.


Smile Family.PNG

The Penguin pet can be found in the Fishermen Clan, sold by the Smile Family.

It's going to set you back a small 1345 Gibbler, and no reputation is required either.

Smile Family vendor.PNG
Fishermen Clan location.PNG



As of patch, 3 new costume sets have been added to ISA!
You can buy these costumes from the Traveler Family.

Traveler Family.PNG
Traveler Family location.PNG

The costumes set you back some Gibbler, but you'll be able to earn them quickly, explained in the next section!

It's said that the costumes were discovered on unmarked locations in ISA. The Gibberling there don't value the costume sets and gave it away to the Traveler Family.

They thought it might still sell and brought it all the way to Skalgard, to sell to all heroes of Sarnaut!
The costume sets belonged to the Gibberling-Great-Grandparents!

Costume art


Ingame costumes

Earning Gibbler!

Earning Gibbler

Earning some Gibbler is relatively easy in ISA, and doesn't take very long to do.

For starters, there are 3 daily quests you can do. These make you do things you've done before in the Main questline, so nothing too hard.

You can find these 3 dailies here, in Skalgard.


Aside from the daily grind for these dailies, you can also go on treasure hunting!
Treasure hunting involves you going all over the map to find treasure chests containing some Gibbler hidden all over ISA.
Of course, it's only hidden from us for so long, as we gamers tend to figure it all out!
Below you can find a map of my daily routine to pass by all possible Chest spawns.
I use the SundukTarget addon which notifies me when a chest is near, and shows me an arrow so I don't miss out.

Careful when you go through the Bear Land area again.
Always stock up on Mead and Fire Mead when making your weekly run, so you don't freeze to death!
These treasure chests spawn weekly at reset-time from Wednesday to Thursday.
Sometimes, you get a "bonus reset" when a maintenance falls on a Wednesday :D

SundukTarget is an addon that notifies you of nearby chests.
Originally created to find chests in Al-Rihat, it's expanded to different areas for the same purpose. Finding chests during the Storm in Suslanger, finding chests in ISA, and of course still finding everything in Al-Rihat.
You can download the addon here.

SundukTargetAddon showcase.PNG

Weekly chests routine

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