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Welcome to the guide about
Mazes and Private Allod

To reach the point of having a maze and making your own dungeon where other players will fail in, you'll have to start by creating your own Private Allod. It'll be your own private space, where the maze will be hosted and edited on.

The creation of your Private Allod comes naturally after achieving Greatness.

The Private Allod Creation

The creation will be pretty straightforward, where you have to deliver Meteorite Fragments.

You can easily get them from repeatable and weekly quests from the same NPC as where you start.

You can also buy Meteorite Fragments from different locations:

Order Vendor every 2 weeks.

Battlegrounds Vendor

The Battlegrounds vendor is by far my choice of go. It's definitly the fastest and they cost only 20 BG emblems each, really cheap.

You can get BG emblems from Random Skirmish rewards, and daily Trial of Blood rewards given at 00:00.
You can also get some for Anomalous Particles from the AS vendor, but I wouldn't advise that.

Anyways, back to getting Meteorite Fragments.

You'll have to complete a series of quests and run back and forth the Astral Academy and the Battlegrounds vendor.

1st Private Allod quest.PNG
2nd Private Allod quest.PNG
3rd Private Allod quest.PNG
4th Private Allod quest.PNG
5th Private Allod quest.PNG
1st Private Allod visit.jpg
2nd Private Allod visit.jpg
3rd Private Allod visit.jpg

At last, 215 Meteorite Fragments and 3 Private Allod visits later, you'll come to a unique location where you'll preview the isotopes of your
to be Private Allod.

You'll have to pick wether you prefer the Forest, Desert or Snowy Private Allod more. There are no differences aside from just visually.

The decision you make here will be the same for all your reincarnations that will unlock Private Allods later, so choose carefully.

4th private Allod visit - Desert.jpg

The Desert Allod

4th private Allod visit - Snowy.jpg

The Snowy Allod

4th private Allod visit - Forest.jpg

The Forest Allod

Once you've made your decision, you'll then be able to enter your Private Allod via any Teleporter NPC, and finally start building your maze.

6th Creating your maze.PNG

The maze


Mazes are made of up to 9 chambers, that you can build in 3 different options.
- Fork: splits into 3 ways.
- Intersection: splits into 2 ways.
- Passage: simply continues the path.

As you build more chambers, the Astral Granite cost will rise. The Fork is also the most expensive option, followed by Intersection, and then Passage.

There's also 3 currencies that you will deal with.
- Astral Granite: Currency used to build and expand your maze.
- Astral Coral: Used to create Horns (max 12).
- Embrium: Universal currency with many uses.

Every time you create a chamber, it'll also cost some Astral Granite. You can get Astral Granite from the following sources:

your Horns on the Private Allod (Not main maze, talk about that later),

Trading Embrium to Granite (NPC near Auction House, Embrium Converter in your Private Allod).

Weekly maze boxes in your post.


There's also 3 different types of mazes you can start with:

- Dreary Maze

- Castle Maze

- Ancient Maze
The choice you'll make on your Maze is not permanent, but changing will have you start over from scratch in building chambers. And invested gold to make the monsters stronger, will be gone. It'll also cost you some gold or BC to reset the maze, depending wether you play F2P or P2P.
Learn more about the differences here.

The Dreary Maze

It looks a lot like a dungeon, that can get puzzling for the invaders really fast.

It has open spaces in the complicated sections, while the simple Passage has a small tight space. Make sure to use these situations to plan your traps and aura's.




The maze

The Castle maze

With a much tighter section, the castle is a more dangerous option. Although the Forks are open circle segways, the rest of the Maze offers a small area for invaders to manouvre around.

Remember, the tighter the areas, the more likely they'll get caught in trap circles, charges from mobs, and explosions.


The Ancient maze

And then there is the Ancient one. The Ancient maze looks very much like an underwater cavern where some tribe like the inca's used to live. It has mostly open spaces and I find it quite easy to navigate through. The colors are more blue'ish, thus relax more than the 2 other options too.


Made your choice what maze you're going with? Great! then we'll cover Traps, Auras and Monsters, because an empty maze won't get those invaders defeated!

Traps, Auras & Monsters

We'll start by listing what you can get from where, so the sources are clear.

Traps, Auras & Monsters

Battlegrounds vendor

The Head Goblin

Battleground Vendor.PNG

The Trap: Vine

Trap Vine Desc.PNG
Monster Head Goblin.PNG

The Grumpy Goblin

Monster Grumpy Goblin Desc.PNG

The Kobold Slasher

Monster Kobold Slasher Desc.PNG

The Head Goblin is a great combo to put with other Goblins, as he's basically a support, buffing their damage and health. Putting him in rooms with a legendary Bossy Goblin is probably a great combination.

The Grumpy is the opposite, where he's the one getting buffed if a Goblin nearby dies. He's good to be put in packs of weaker Goblins, so you're almost sure he will get buffed as players usually aoe packs down.

The Kobold Slasher is again some kind of buffer. Makes nearby kobolds cc immune and increases their damage. The net he throws snares for a good 8 seconds too, so it's a great combo with Fire Trap and Earthquake Trap.
Notice how Goblins buff Goblins, and Kobolds buff Kobolds. This will repeat through mazes.

The Vine Trap is another great snare. Try using monsters that use positional mechanics so the invaders are unable to avoid them due to the snare from this trap.

Kingdom of Elements vendor 1/2

The Bossy Goblin

KOE vendor_1.PNG
Monster Bossy Goblin Desc.PNG

The Herder Goblin

Monster Herder Goblin Desc.PNG

The Cunning Kobold

Monster Cunning Kobold Desc.PNG

Kingdom of Elements vendor 2/2

The Aura: Frost

KOE vendor_2.PNG
Aura Frost Desc.PNG

The Trap: Invisibility

Trap Invisibility Desc.PNG

The Trap: Poison

Trap Poison Desc.PNG

The Vengeful Goblin

Monster Vengeful Goblin Desc.PNG

Not many players are fan of the Bossy Goblin. Despite it being a Legendary rarity, it's not as strong to its Legendary counterparts such as Headhunter and Lord.
Nevertheless, combine this bad boy with a Trap: Vine, and you'll increase the chances of a kill significantly.
It's all RNG, but if he throws the poison puddle on the vined target, it's what we call, GG.

The Herder Goblin is usually a free kill unless the invaders know how to counter it. Try putting these 1 pack before your Headhunter, final boss or any lethal combination you got. That way you'll eliminate 1 invader.
The counter invaders can do is kill the Herder before the last mob in your pack. Then the Herder will be rendered useless, so try to put Herder Goblins also alone.

The Cunning Kobold are the same mobs that spawn on the Burrow King.
They're great combo's to put with other Kobolds, such as Headhunters, since it buffs their damage on poisoned invaders by a lot!

The Aura: Frost is a good use in big open spaces. Since it stacks up its damage as combat time progresses, you want the invaders in a big room. If invaders get to enter a new room during combat, it resets the Aura: Frost stacks :( So try avoiding putting them in small rooms where invaders can abuse it.

The Trap: Invisbility kinda seems dull to me. Altho a funny combo is with the Headhunter, as it can pick the Headhunter, thus making all the other mobs around it invisible. Considering a Headhunter is Invisible by default, then the whole pack is invisible :D A real surprise for invaders. but then again it's random which mob the trap picks, so it's quite meh :(
Offers nothing substantial in the defeating of your invaders.

The Trap: Poison is a weak trap in my opinion too. I never have seen it kill anyone, or contribute a lot.
Although do remember that Traps and Auras that deal damage, are affected by the level of investment in the chamber, thus the damage increases for levelled chambers.

The Vengeful Goblin is a Herder Goblin situation. Try putting them a pack before a lethal pack. They are a lot more useful in that phase than letting them basic attack in the initial spawn.

Goblinball vendor

Goblinball Vendor.PNG

The exact same goblins, minus the Trap: Rage, can be found in the Ammer, Dionic Archipelago vendor.

The Cheeky Goblin

Monster Cheeky Goblin Desc.PNG

The Goblin Fan

Monster Goblin Fan Desc.PNG

The Phony Goblin

Monster Phony Goblin Desc.PNG

The Trap: Rage

Trap Rage Desc.PNG

The Cheeky Goblins are more cannon fodder than anything else. Judging by their description, they combo with the Trap: Rage and Trap: Earthquake as they knock down invaders, but are these goblins going to defeat any?
I have more chance getting the 1% crab buff on a dungeon than the Goblins get to kill an invader.

The Goblin Fan is one of my favorites. They ignore aggro, and go for the weakest, so carries get targetted!
And the more you combine together, the stronger they get.

The Phony Goblin is a combination situation. For minimal incoming damage, invaders should stack, so make use for that with traps and small rooms! An easy combination is Prowler with Phony Goblins. Prowlers make people spread, Phony will be at its prime then.

The Trap: Rage is another of those random conditions :(

You put it and all you can do is hope it picks a weak mob in your pack so it dies quickly and buffs the rest.

Private Allod, Embrium Converter 1/2

The Trap: Demonic Rage

Private Allod, Embrium Converter 2/2

Private Allod Embrium vendor.PNG

The Aura: Demonic Rune

Aura demonic Rune Icon.PNG
Aura Demonic Rune Desc.PNG

The Gill

Monster Gill Icon.PNG
Monster Gill Desc.PNG

The Prowler

Monster Prowler Icon.PNG
Monster Prowler Desc.PNG

The Harbringer

Monster Harbringer Icon.PNG
Monster Harbringer Desc.PNG
Private Allod Embrium vendor_2.PNG
Trap Demonic Rage Icon.PNG
Trap Demonic Rage Desc.PNG

The Lord

Monster Lord Icon.PNG
Monster Lord Desc.PNG

The Nimross

Monster Nimross Icon.PNG
Monster Nimross Desc.PNG

DISCLAIMER: Ingame description on the Demon types are wrong. Gills deal 40% damage on dying, all other Demons deal 90% damage.

The Trap: Demonic Rage is an interesting topic. The weaker the spot you got in maze, the more mobs you can put, thus increase the effectiveness of this Trap. Then again, the weaker the mobs that get buffed, the less relevant the buff becomes at the same time. You'd want the buff on a good mob, but I can't imagine a good amount of mobs that can die to buff a stronger mob.

The Aura: Demonic Rune is a sad reality in the game. A lot is not explained on the description. I strongly advise against using it.

The so called Rune is barely visible for an invader, so they might not even know the aura is a thing. A good thing for you as maze owner, is that they have to be inside the rune for the buff, making them fixed on position, unable to avoid positionals. The bad thing is that it lasts for less than 5 seconds, so it's a waste of purchase in my opinion. It also makes your invaders take 10%/s while in the rune, not take 50% more incoming damage as exlpained in the description.

The Gill is a rather weak mob, and the only kills I see happening is when placing multiple demon together. Then hope the invaders are braindead aoe'ing every pack, and you'll have a symphony of exploding demons wiping a group at once, as each demon deals 40% damage upon death.

The Prowler is a tricky enemy for your invaders.

His main target, usually the tank, will take heavy damage if he doesn't keep kiting the circles from the Prowler.

A great combo with Prowler is the Trap: Vine, so he's snaring invaders on spot. The Prowler will have no issue finishing off tanks that get the Vines.

Another great combo is that he periodically pulls random 3 invaders into him, stacking them all up, followed by a ?% aoe. If the tank is one of those randoms, he then puts circles on his fellow members that will kill them easily, especially combined with the pull ?% aoe.

All in all, great demon to have in your maze!

I'm very geared and Prowler has no levels invested yet. he's not as weak as shown on this video.

The Harbringer is an equal to the Prowler.

A great combo as seen in the video, is also the Trap: Vine which I also suggested for the Prowler.

If again, it happens on the invaders tank, it will snare him in place, burning him to death.

Applies fire dot's too that needs to be purified, and from experience, not a lot of players like to, or know to purify :D

I'm very geared and Harbringer has no levels invested yet. he's not as weak as shown on this video.

The Nimross is the weakest of the 3 Epic rarity demons.

It uses demon dogs that charge at your invaders, but deal very little damage. Nimross himself deals very little too, so the only perk on using this one is the 90% damage upon death.

Try combining this with traps that deal damage even after combat, such as Earthquake or Fire.


video to come

And as final Legendary demon, there is the Lord.

The lord has a frontal cone attack as basic attack, dealing damage to your own maze defenders too.

Everytime we invaded and got to fight a Lord, we skipped him to rush the boss. When combat would start on the boss, it would pull all living defenders, thus also the Lord. The Lord would then basic attack all your defenders, including your final boss, and kill them in about 2 attacks. So be very careful where you place your Lord, and how. Try to put him in a room where it's very hard to skip him, such as corner, making it hard for invaders to flash over your Lord.


I'm very geared and Harbringer has no levels invested yet. he's not as weak as shown on this video.

Private Allod, Bob the Muscle vendor

The Kobold Arbalester

Private Allod Vendor.PNG
Monster Kobold Arbalester Desc.PNG

The Trap: Fire

Trap Fire Desc.PNG

The Aura: Earthquake

Aura Earthquake Desc.PNG

The Kobold Arbalester may be of only Common rarity, it's a pretty damaging mob in the right conditions.

They're also ranged, so that makes it harder for invaders to aoe down.

And because they are only Common, you can place many of them together.

Combining them again with the Trap: Vine is a great combination, as they deal 50% more damage to CC'd invaders.

Combines great as well with the Bossy Goblin, as they apply bleed. Which combines with the Bossy's Poison Puddles.

The Trap: Fire is my go to Trap for my weaker packs, where you have many of them. Each mob more means 1 more Fire circle to explode. Great to use in small corridors and small rooms, so you leave the invaders little space to avoid the explosions.

The Aura: Earthquake is a Trap: Fire situation, but in Aura form. And doesn't depend on the amount of mobs.

Remember that its damage scales with your room's level investment, as it's a damage dealing Aura.

You can never really go wrong with this Aura, again a great combination with Trap: Vine too.


Tka-Rik's vendor

The Goblin Fighter

TkaRik Vendor.PNG
Monster Goblin Fighter Desc.PNG

The Eater of Flame

Monster Eater of Flame Desc.PNG

The Trap: Lightning Bolt

Trap Lightning Bolt Desc.PNG

The Aura: Lightning

Aura Lightning Icon.PNG
Aura Lightning Desc.PNG

The Goblin Fighters are dangerous enemies when invested in.

The spin they do deals quite some damage, especially when buffed by other Goblins and Traps/Auras.

Unfortunately, once they have spun, their use has depleted, as they'll just sit down and wait for your invaders to defeat them.

The Eater of Flames would be good combinations to put with a Headhunter, as they buff their attackspeed.

Despite the description saying they are ranged, they do go melee to put their cone on their target, rendering them kinda useless. I have seen them oneshot some players with the frontal cone, but then again it's easy to avoid as an invader. They also don't live long enough to hope on the Trap: Vine to do its part.

The Trap: Lightning Bolt are incredibly good at being annoying. I have seen most of their effect on Prowlers, which pull invaders around, thus making them catch the beam and get stunned. It's a great Trap to put on situations where you make your invaders move a lot.

The Aura: Lightning is a bit questionable. It's basically a damaging Aura with the condition that your invaders would be grouped up. If you have a situation where you force them to group, and you invest into this Aura, I can see it become deadly.



Monsters that are rare to get

The Kobold Mushroomer

The Kobold Mushroomer is a special Kobold.

It drops very rarely from killing monsters in Mauseleum of Sparks/Arena of Heroes.

A great combo to put with a Headhunter.
It's unclear wether he deals more or less damage to grouped up invaders.

Monster Kobold Mushroomer.PNG

The Sparky Kobold

Updating info asap when I drop it in MOS


The Headhunter

Next to buying him for your Private Allod, the Headhunter can also drop from Observatory raid when looting the chest, incl. the chest from the Seal of Time.

Each boss from Nihaz Citadel, and the chest from the Guild keeper also have a chance on dropping this prize.
It's a beast of a monster for your maze. 100% awesome, easy combinations. Unexperienced groups are dogfood for this bad boy!

Monster Headhunter Desc.PNG

The gravedigger

The Gravedigger can randomly drop from mobs in Kingdom of Elements.

It's a great kobold to use in Kobold packs, as they make combat last a lot longer than needed,

Most invaders just braindead aoe, so they're very effective. Think about what Traps and Auras are useful in longer combat times!

Monster Kobold Gravedigger Desc.PNG

The Dungeon Keeper Chest

New monsters when creating a Maze.PNG
Dungeon Keeper Chest.PNG

The Dungeon Keeper Chest is an item that's sent to you for creating your maze.

Players that already own a maze, get a new chest on every new big season start (10.0, 11.0, 12.0, etc)

It allows you to pick only 1. Confused what to pick? Check what they do!

Monster Mimic Desc.PNG
Monster Deathgazer Desc.PNG

The Mimic cannot be targetted until combat starts.

The Frontal Cone spit used to oneshot easily, and the range was bigger than shown ingame, but that's been fixed.

it's hard to make combinations with this because it's neither a Kobold of Goblin.

The Deathgazer is an annoying one.

The random long-standing negative effect is helpful.

It either freezes the target for 10s, making it unable to do anything.

But it can also Dark Veil someone for 10s. Yes, the same veil as a Summoner can do. And yes, incl. the aggro reset feature, so think about that twice haha.

Monkey of Peace Icon.PNG
Monster Monkey of Peace Desc.PNG
Guardess Icon.PNG
Monster Guardess Desc.PNG

The Monkey is a good healer counter, but usually gets focused 1st because of that. The CC is also really strong. The monkey is actually a very solid pick if you manage to keep him alive for a very long time.

The Guardess is more used as cannonfodder, because of the debuff she applies.

Disregarded from the description, "Repeated effects applied by other Guardesses won't affect the target", it does. So if you manage to stack a few Guardesses together, it only gets better for you! Put them grouped as early as possible in your maze so the stacks start stacking up early.


Monsters that are F2P exclusive

The Psycho Goblin

The Psycho Goblin is extremely tricky to fight against. Using buffing Goblins to make him stronger is advised.

It can only be bought from the Boutique for 600BC or 360PC.

Monster Psycho Goblin Desc.PNG

The Gloomy Goblin

The Gloomy Goblin is much easier.

Gets tough on the tank due to the random aggro swapping he does, and the taunting back from the tank. He visually gets bigger too, almost like a balloon :D

It can only be bought from the Boutique for 520BC or 312PC.

Monster Gloomy Goblin Desc.PNG

The Kobold Killer

The Kobold killer is similar to the Cunning Kobold.

The Smoke helps your other kobolds survive for longer periods, thus increasing combat time. Think about Gravediggers!

it can only be bought from the Boutique for 560BC or 336PC.

Monster Kobold Killer Desc.PNG

That about sums up where you can get every single Monster, Trap and Auras. If you find mistakes, or outdated info, please inform Dragagon#1985 on discord, or contact us via the footer.

Leader with nothing and with Member.png

General knowledge about Monsters

General about Monsters

You might have noticed by now that every Monster has a different type:

  • Guardsman

  • Member

  • Officer

  • Leader

It looks a lot like guild ranks, but they are important to understand because not every type can be combined with eachother.

When creating a room, the types assigned are completely random.

You'll never see Leader and Officer spawns togehter. This is to prevent impossible combinations to clear.

Also the amount of a certain type is random. You could get an Officer spot with 3 Member spots, but that also goes for 2 Officer spots instead. Or 1 Officer and 1 Member spot.

That is why all monsters have a type assigned to them.
As of today, it's still unknown to me why spawns have different shapes. THIS REQUIRES INFORMATION UPDATE.

Example of a Leader spawn and a Leader Spawn with a Member spot.


Example of a trap spot, usually near a pack.


Example of an Aura spot, usually at the beginning or middle of a room.

General about Traps & Auras

Traps and Auras have dedicated spots.

You can always assign a trap to a pack.

Auras on the other hand are only controlling a full room, and thus affect multiple packs.

You may have noticed that there is an Aura spot at the beginning of your maze. This Aura cannot be upgraded, but affects every room in your maze that has no Aura assigned.

So avoid damage dealing Auras for this one, go with annoying and CC auras for the starter room.

Upgrading rooms will affect traps and Auras that deal damage, so keep that in mind when deciding to invest.

Traps and Auras will also consume Supplies when activated. This is also shown in your chat, hinting that there are invaders in your maze.

Supplies are bought from Bob in your Private Allod.

General knowledge about Traps & Auras

The Aura spot at the 1st room, not upgradeable, affecting the whole maze.

Upgrading your maze

Upgrading your maze

Upgrading your rooms in your maze is going to be an expensive endeavor, and also a "waste of gold".

Be mindful which rooms you upgrade. Do they have good combination potential? Got nice spawns for Monsters? Your maze is never going to make back the gold that you invest into it.

Then why upgrade? The only reason I see you wanting a good maze is either to have fun watching players die in your maze, or to go for a high rating in order to get the season Title and special bonus monsters.

The rating can be seen here: Allods Maze Rating.

Rooms can be upgraded at the Impudent Goblin. You can find one in each room, usually near your Aura spots.

The gold cost to upgrade increases with each level.

The maximum level you can upgrade monsters to depends on your current maze rating.

You see the different ratings when invading mazes, and on the website's rating page.

The higher your maze's rating, the higher you can invest your rooms to.

  • lv4 is the maximum for low difficulty.

  • lv8 for Medium.

  • lv11 for High.

  • lv?? for Nightmare.

There is a 2nd upgrade type, and that is quality. Just like your gear.

You can do this outside in your Private Allod at Bob the Muscle. Make sure to do this each new Mini Season. it's linked to your gearscore, so keep that up to date too!

The monster quality is shown on the monsters themself, and is the same for your whole maze.

monster quality.PNG
Upgrading rooms.PNG

Upgrading the monsters gradually becomes more expensive with each new season(12.0, 13.0, 14.0, etc.)
Gold cost (patch 13.0) per level upgrade:

  1. 240 812

  2. 292 715

  3. 352 576

  4. 421 187

Gold cost (patch 14.0) per level upgrade:

  1. 256 866

  2. 312 229

  3. 376 081

  4. 449 266

Upgrading Maze Quality mobs.PNG

The final boss

Which final boss you get depends on what you host most of in your maze.

Do you have mostly Kobolds? Then you will get the Burrow King.

Hosting more Goblins? Then it's the Bully Goblin as final boss.

The final bosses are not that strong compared to some demons you can get now, but they are unique.

Your final bosses will call upon all your monsters if attacked, and if monsters were skipped, your invaders will be in for a surprise!

The only help you can give to your final bosses are the Traps and Auras. You'll never be able to put monsters near them.

The Burrow King charges at invaders.

Also puts down puddles. The puddles deal damage over time and will make invaders standing in it, be main targets of the Cunning Kobolds that he spawns periodically.

Tanks should stand on it to aggro the Kobolds, as they ignore taunt, but only if they can handle it.

The Bully Goblin fights alone, but throws sticky bombs at everyone. These can be defused by interacting nearby eachother.

The best situation is for your group to divide yourselves in groups of 2, so you can defuse eachother, and take minimal damage from the bombs, as they deal aoe damage.

The final boss
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