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Rewards for accomplishments have 1st appeared ingame on 12/12/2018 at 03:00, when the dailies reset.

According to administration, it's had been ingame for over a year now, but the shop was hidden to players that do not posses this currency. 

MarkOf Accomplishment.PNG

How to get these marks?

More of these marks of accomplishments can be gained by simply participating in the official events organised by Allods and its administration.
Be it forum events such as PMB, discord events, addon creator rewards or other rewards.
Recently, Battle Pass lv100 also rewards MoA.

Content creators can also earn them by making videos.

Basically anything rewarding premium crystals to its players in the f2p universe, will be converted to Marks of Accomplishments for the p2p players.

The first ever MoA on EU P2P got acquired by players Kallane, Meloetta, Guyovich, Calyahua, Samus & Dragagon - for participating in the official event "Astral Traders Competition".

Originally the players were rewarded premium crystals to spend on f2p, but since there are no crystals on p2p, the players got rewarded this currency instead.

The currency unlocks a "hidden" shop at the 3x3 vendor that offers special wares and comfort items that were never available on p2p before.

The NPC's from Empire and League are located here, where he has an option to talk to if you have the currency.

Once arrived at the npc, you will see the new option where he offers "Rewards for Accomplishments"




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As seen on the picture on the right, the wares are divided in several categories.

The one offers pure vanity and costumes.

The other offers Quality of Life like in the f2p universe.

Class morphers that ALL last 180 days!
You can click on the links below to fly to their wares to learn more about them:

NPC Dialogue_League.PNG


The tools offered here last 7 days, and function like crafted tools.

The replicators are all lasting 30 days.

The prices are fairly cheap but considering that you can get these items from many other ingame events and gameplay, I'd consider this a bad choice to spend your marks on.


Class Core Morphers

All Class Core Morphers here last for 180 days, the same duration as in the f2p universe.

The petrified cores allow players to switch back and forth between the class of the core and the class that he set as default class (done at the class trainer).

The Omnificent core allows players to switch to ANY GIVEN CLASS in the game. A beauty!

The standard Core morpher allows a player to switch to a different class in a one-way method. It's the same core morpher that you can buy from the ingame Auction House.

These biddings start from Mondays and end strictly on Saturdays at 19:00.

Class Core Morphers



All costumes shown here are all the ones from past Collector's Editions.


Special Goods

The Special Goods offers to buy subscription time, kill animations, costumes, and weaponskin dropboxes

Below is listed what each of them do and offer.

Special Goods

Box description:

Mysterious Strongbox with Costumes.PNG
Special Goods_1.PNG

Carnifex descriptions:

Carnifex's Code.PNG
Carnifex Doctrine.PNG

Not available yet in the shop

Carnifex's Curse.PNG
Confession of the Carnifex.PNG
Passionate Speech of the Carnifex.PNG

Not available yet in the shop

Impious Speech of the Carnifex.PNG

Not available yet in the shop

Not available yet in the shop

Not available yet in the shop

Not available yet in the shop


The Conveniences offer comfort like players can buy in the f2p universe.

The "Legedary Bag" offers 66 slots.

The "Fabled Bag" offers 72 slots.

The "Bottomless Bag" offers 78 slots.
The "Cosmic Bag" offers 84 slots.

The insignia's are the same ones you can get from the KOE, BG and rating PvP vendor.

The "Permit of Master Artisan" is the same one that you can get by reaching 25k reputation (max) for the artisans, and then buy it from the master artisan NPC.
Find out here how to reach 25k reputation.

The "Permit of the Exceptional Artisan" allows you to unlock a 3rd profession, just like players in the f2p universe can simply buy.

The "Pilot's Helmet", "Basket of the Fairy" and "Red Magie Feather" are all variations of the original looter pet and are basically just skins.

"Encyclopedia of Miners and Herbs" allows your looter to harvest herbs and mine ore if you have the professions and required minimum level.

You can also get this by doing the quest "Heroic Feats".

The Log extension makes your quest log bigger by 2 slots for each purchase, up to unlimited.

Artisans Reputation (Respected).PNG

Treasure Hunt

Currently as of writing, the current event going on is Prophetic Cards. So I assume that this tab will allow players to buy more items of the corresponding current and upcoming events.

As for now those are compasses as an alternative way to get them besides doing dailies or purchasing them of the webshop.

Treasure Hunt_01.PNG
Treasure Hunt

Holy Weapon

All Holy Weapons found here are from past events such as Carnifex Box sales, Tournament of Bloods, Battle Campaigns, Free Trader events.

All weaponskins can be seen here.

Holy Weapon_1.PNG
Holy Weapon
Holy Weapon_3.PNG
Holy Weapon_2.PNG


All mounts found here are from past
Collector Editions and special sales.

Assault Shell

Assault Shell

All Shell (skins) found here are from past Collector Editions too, or MoA exclusive.

Assault Shell.PNG


All pets found here are from past Collector Editions, MoA exclusive and from F2P sales too.

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