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What are orders?

For those that prefer a video instead of reading, there's also this :)

Order Prestige is a value that determines where you are in the ranking of your Order.

An order is like a politic view in the game led by 3 important ingame character NPC's who stand for different opinions.

There is Order of Creation, the green, who stand for life, as their motto is "Life will find a way".

It's an order led by klavdia. Her ideal is to restore Sarnaut to the perfect state, without it's gods and demons.


Then there is the Order of Progress, the red, who stand for Science and magic working together.

Their dream is to unite magic and technology to improve and thrive their current lifes.

It's led by Catherina.


At last but not least, there is the Order of Balance, the blue, led by Zayan. Zayan is the Great elven mage who stands for discovery beyond Sarnaut. They stand for exploration through astral and rather look away from all the misery in Sarnaut currently.


Now that we have the introduction to the 3 different orders out of the way, we'll be explaining what this brings to the gameplay in Allods Online.

These orders have rankings divinded into 2 different gameplay aspects that contribute to your chosen order.

There is Order Prestige and there is Order Trial of Blood ranking.

Order Prestige

Order Prestige

Order prestige is a value everyone can gain within their respective order by doing certain content in the game.

A cycle that evaluates the players every 2 weeks, will bring hefty rewards via their order vendor NPC. These range from Symbol of Glories, foodbuffs, Sashes to double their gain in Random Skirmishes, 3x3/6x6 ranked pvp combats, goblinball matches, Epic quality dragon tears, Fragments toc reate their allods, and a whole lot more.

The first of each order will also get to have a Petrified Core Morpher which allows you to change back and forth between 2 classes for a total of 14 days. Which is the exact time a cycle lasts. If a player manages to retain leadership in his order, he has a permanent petri core to swap classes. Bonkers!

How to gain Order Prestige?

How to gain Order Prestige?
  • Kingdom of Elements (KOE): dailies yield you 236 Order Prestige per quest hand in. 10 quests a day yield you easily 2360 Order Prestige

  • Tka Rik cave: yields you 260 Order Prestige per 10 trials completed.

  • Al-Rihat: has a few sources. The chests that spawn every 30 minutes yield 155 Order Prestige, double with Grail of Awakening lv5 equipped for double loot. The chests that linger at random throughout Al Rihat give the same value, but Grail of Awakening does not work. The bosses in Al Rihat give the same value but Grail of Awakening does not work.

  • Anomalous Sector: Chests from AS gives 615 Order Prestige per chest, no matter wether it was pvp stolen, randomly found or from an event.

  • Astral Nuggets: Per chest you deliver to the homefront, you get 14 Order Prestige, up to a max of 280 for a full cargo of Astral Nuggets.

  • Ranked combats: 155 for a win, half for a lose.

  • Skirmishes: Same for Ranked Combats

  • Astral Allod: 520 per allod you finish, killing the last boss.

  • Astral Keys: 208 per key spent.

  • Dionic games: The Dionic Games offer some Order prestige too, how much depends on which quest. For all daily quests done, you get 265 Order Prestige.

  • Observatory: raid bosses (1st, 2nd and 3rd) give 2600 on Normalmode & Hardmode. Unsure to date how much on easy mode.
    Info on how much last boss and per difficulties are coming.

  • A full list of updated values can be found here.

As you can tell, not everything is farmable such as dailies. There are pvp activities and pve activies to farm Order Prestige so there's something for everyone.

Order Prestige.PNG

Trial of Blood

Trial of Blood

Trial of Blood is a Dungeon that can be found under Group Search >> Dungeons >> Order.​

There is a training and a rating version.

The training allows you to practice an unlimited amount of entries in the current rotation.

I say rotation because there are currently 2 versions of Trial of blood, alternating each 2 weeks (each cycle).

The Tomb

The White Coliseum

It comes down to wether who is the best in his class in the respective order. The players with the highest scores of their class get bonus resources in their Order Vendor.

Trial of Blood rating.PNG

Order Prestige ranking

Order Prestige ranking

So whoever ends up first in the order ranking of his or her respective order, gets to be order leader for 2 weeks, and so it repeats every 2 weeks.

Order leaders have the most vote power being 200.

Vote power is used to vote for certain buffs. 3 different buffs can be active at a day and some are better combined with others than others. It's important that the community figures out what buffs to vote for to get the most out of them. Buffs will be activated the next day so it's getting interesting to plan for stuff coming ahead, especially for guilds.

Buffs have a cooldown period too. The day after they have been used, they can't be voted for another 3 days before they become available again.

I won't list all buffs as they frequently change their values but you can find all of them back on this page.

Gifts of the Source.PNG

The top ranked player gets a vote power of 200.

The top 10 players, so ranked 2 to 10, get a vote power of 10.

The rest of the players in the top 100 (11 - 100) get a vote power of 3.

New players in the order or above 100 ranks get a vote power of 1.

Order position among others

Order position among others

Then there's also another rating between the order themselves. I am not too sure what this is based on but I will assume the total amount of Order Prestige in that order defines wether it will be 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Having your order 1st 2nd or 3rd will give a buff too.

1st order gets Battleground emblems and amalgam gain increased by 10%.

2nd order gets Battleground emblems gain increased by 10%.

3rd order gets nothing.

Order vendor and rewards

Order vendor and rewards

The order vendor gives resources and materials, buff food and so much more based on your performance for your order each 2 weeks.

Depending on your Order prestige ranking and your Trial of Blood ranking, you'll be given rewards.

The vendor rewards can be found in Ammer Polis at your respective order representative or simply at Astral Academy which is the same NPC for everyone.

Order Vendor.PNG

The items linked to eachother are marked with the same color.

The ones unmarked are all linked to eachother except for the food buffs, those are linked to eachother seperately.

Not all items can be claimed just like that.

They're divided into categories and you can only claim so much per category. So some items disappear when you take others.

Linked items.PNG
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