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The complete up to date
F2P v P2P
difference reference

We compiled a list of all the differences between Allods Online Free to play & Subscription model, and update it as we go.
Inputs are welcome, that way we can keep everyone correctly informed about the differences.
This is not an "Our server is better than theirs" post - This is a simple comparison sheet for new and veteran players to make up their mind.

P2P | F2P
-- QOL - Quality of Life --
Free Astral Replicators drop when burning your Astral Keys. | Astral Replicators are bought from the boutique for 8bc/piece.

Mounts drop in astral dungeons and obs/Nihaz raids. | Only via boutique.

Bag and bank can be expanded by ingame raids, more info here. | Increase by Expansion Tokens only, 20bc/piece. Need increasingly more per new bag. Same concept for increasing the bank. More info here.

Permanent serverwide 33% faster levelling boost. | Expoint Scrolls (Folio of Knowledge) can be bought in the boutique for 20bc/piece, doubles only 30k exp per scroll. Can also buy a level boost (usually to max level - 5) for 5600 BC.

Always active blessings, no need for incense. | Incense can be gained by a daily quest or from the boutique at 100bc for 3 weeks.

No mount feed (always fed mounts at maximum speed). | Mount feed comes at 50bc/10 mount feed or the same daily quest as the Incense quest..

Looter pet in coba is permanent and free. Reskins via MoA | Looter pet comes at 400bc in the boutique.

Looter upgrade for profession gathering (Encyclopedia of Minerals and Herbs) is gained by ingame quest, buy with MoA or via Carnifex cash shop boxes. | Bought for 116bc from the boutique.

Resetting builds or stats cost 70k gold. | Water of Death/Life is 200 premium crystals only, or 600 for a week long resetting. Can also buy a permanent reset for ~35 euros playertrade or less by opening boxes and being lucky, or unlucky.

Extra stable slots can be gained from Tka Rik trials, Battlegrounds vendor and Prophetic Cards. | Additional Stable Slots come at 88bc/piece from the Boutique.

Weapon skins are permanent, not timed, no stat bonus. | Weapon skins last 90d, reactivate for 500bc. Visual disappears if not active. Gives 20 Supremacy and 50 Bloodlust, only if active.

Lightning Bolt (Kelpie) is farmed from Heroic Adventures (Longterm grind). Lightning Bolt is only available from Collector's Editions. | Lightning Bolt (kelpie) can be bought for 672bc, then needs to be fed by 80bc/30 days. The Lightning Bolt (not Kelpie) can be bought through a coupon. That coupon is only available from Collector's Editions. It's 5,2k BC or 4K Premium (Purple) cyrstals.

Upgrading the Wizard trinket is done by combining fragments dropped in Heroic Adventures, Obs and Nihaz raid (Longterm grind). | Upgrading trinkets can be bought on specific sales, price unkown.

Stat change insignia's are bought in KOE and 3x3 vendor. | Stat change insignia's can be bought for 80bc each from the boutique.

Triple Replicators are bought from the Dionic Games vendor. | 24bc/Triple Replicator (Premium lv2 only) and 200bc/10 Triple Replicators (Premium lv3 only)

Page from the Book of Secrets (Unlocking all racial abilities) can be bought for 100k gold at your capital leader NPC. | Page from the Book of Secrets (Unlocking all racial abilities) can be bought for 372bc from the boutique

Cursed items don't exist. | Cursed items can be uncursed for a fee. Depending on what quality it is, the prices go up. Sometimes comes in Collector's Editions.

World chat megaphones are gained weekly x10 per max level reincarnation you log into. | Worldphones are boutique only, 20bc/10 megaphones.

Quest log expanders are gained via MoA or Prophetic Cards only. 6 free Quest log slots by clearing XAES/OF, Temple of Tensess and Defiled Ruins. | Quest log expanders are gained via boutique only, 36bc/piece.

Spark Talent Tree can be reset by losing 2 spark levels, or paying 2M gold. | Spark Talent Tree can be reset with Spark Purifying Elixer for 1000 BC, or also by losing 2 spark levels.

Resetting your maze costs 30k gold at the bestiary NPC. | Resetting your maze can be done via the License for Maze Blasting, at 1000 BC.

Resetting your maze AND choosing a different layout, costs 35k gold at the bestiary NPC. | Resetting your maze AND choosing a different layout, costs you 1200 BC via the "All Thumbs in Their Place" Journal.

Dying with no mirra? You can buy mirra in the purgatory for gold. | Dying without mirra? You'll have to get some from the boutique. trying to be a free to play-player? afk 15m.

A Permanent 3rd Talent Tree can be gained for 15k Embrium(Longterm grind, ~200 embrium per character per week (5/5 runs)). | A 3rd Talent Tree is only temporary (180d) and costs around 600bc.

-- Reincarnations --
You can only have up to 6 reincarnations + 1 Progenitor. | You can have up to 12 reincarnations + 1 Progenitor.


Reincarnation Jars can be bought from Tka-Rik for 300 sparks. Reincarnation Jars can be bought from the boutique for 580bc.

Grain of Blessed Frankincense is permanent on each reincarnation, allowing you to keep your exp upon death. | 10bc/Grain of Blessed Frankincense. When buying 50, you'll never lose exp upon death anymore on that single reincarnation. Not shared among other reincarnations.

As of patch [number], losing exp on reincs is no longer a thing. Huzah!

-- Assault Shells --
Memory modules for swapping shell abilities are bought for gold. | Memory Modules are gained from Design Packs, dropped by Boutique/strongboxes, price unknown.

Shell rank-ups are dropped in raids. | Shell rank-ups are , price unknown.

Shell abilities are gained from obs and Nihaz raids. | Abilities are dropped from Strongboxes, price unknown.

Every season, you get to use 1 shell rank-up dropped from raids. | Every season, you have to upgrade your shell, price unknown.

-- Power Advantage/Cash Shop --
Patronage lvl5 doesn't exist. | Patronage lv5 comes at the cost of 30bc/chest, drops 10-50 symbols, you need 10k to unlock Patronage lv5.

Runes don't exist. | Runes are a thing from lv1 to 13. Each level gives 3,3% damage increase, 6 runes can be equipped.
No timed item boosts by cash shop. | timed items that boost your power, vigor, less CC, extra stats, extra rubies all for 180d per item.

Mount upgrade reactor for combat mounts doesn't exist. | Combat mount upgrade reactor is gained via specific sale only, price unknown.

Changing classes is a one time gold payment via the Auction House. Upon winning, core is ready for use. Can also get Petrified Core Morpher for MoA for 2k, and an Omnificent Core Morpher for 10k. | Class Core Morphers can be won from the Auction House, with a following 500 BC cost to activate that core. Can also buy Petrified and Omnificent Core Morphers on specific sales. Up to 100 euros for an Omnificent Core Morphers for 180d.

Free 14d Petrified Core Morpher for #1 order prestige per order. | Doesn't exist on F2P to my knowing.

Potions giving up to 40 stats can be gained via Prophetic Cards and pvp vendors. | Potions giving up to 100 stats can be gained via Prophetic Cards and the Boutique. 14bc/potion.

REQUIRES UPDATE - You can have up to 72 rubies, x talent points and 290 base stats. | You can have up to 76 rubies, 89 talent Points and 375 base stats incl. temporary Cash Shop. Prices unknown.

A second earring slot is available up to any quality by default | A second earring slot (Fabled quality) can be farmed from Compass Dungeons (Heroics). It will not drop if you already have. Fragments drop per 1 in 103%, 2 in 106%, 3 in 109%, etc. 500 fragments are needed to complete it. Having this unlocks all quality earring slots in the game.

Stats, rubies, talent points up to epic quality are gained by realgar, not boutique. Worth mentioning that a higher quality does not exist on Smuggler's Paradise. | Stats, rubies and talent points can be farmed up to epic quality from Compass Dungeons. For legendary and above, cash shop is required.

Check all the F2P item prices here, updated weekly.

Quality of Life
Assault Shells
Power/Cash shop

Pick your poison subscription

Subscription V F2P model

P2P is 5 Euro/month at most, cheaper when buying in bigger portions.

Subscription Price.png

* A F2P character is required to have crystals in the boutique, in order to top up subscription time.

F2P is free to enter, but premium lv1-8 is divided into different values.
Premium gets reset every 25th of the month.

  1. Premium lv1: top up 5 Eur (= subscription fee for p2p)

  2. Premium lv2: top up 10 Eur

  3. Premium lv3: top up 30 Eur

  4. Premium lv4: top up 50 Eur

  5. Premium lv5: top up 100 Eur

  6. Premium lv6: top up 150 Eur

  7. Premium lv7: top up 200 Eur

  8. Premium lv8: top up 210 Eur

* Premium is completely optional. It's a bonus you get for topping up your Crystal balance.

About Bags & Banks

Bags & Banks

P2P Bag expansion system

12 slot >> Default starting bag

18 slot >> Finishing tutorial reward

24 slot >> Buy from Banker NPC

30 slot >> Buy from Banker NPC

42 slot >> Dropped from Gorluxor's Tower
48 slot >> Dropped from Tep's Pyramid

54 slot >> Dropped from Eclipse

60 slot >> Dropped from Winter Palace hardmode last boss or Symbol of Blood.

66 slot >> Dropped from Battle of Gods hardmode last boss or MOA.

72 slots >> Dropped from Secret Paths hardmode last boss or MOA.

78 slots >> A chance to drop from each boss in Observatory raid or MOA.

84 slots >> So far, only from MOA.

F2P Bag expansion system

12 slot >> Default starting bag
18 slot >> Finishing tutorial reward

18 slot >> 24 slot = 2 Expansion Tokens

24 slot >> 30 slot = 5 Expansion Tokens

30 slot >> 36 slot = 10 Expansion Tokens, or

30 slot >> Levelling reward from the Levelling box

36 slot >> 42 slot = 17 Expansion Tokens, or

36 slot >> Levelling reward from the Levelling box

42 slot >> 48 slot = 30 Expansion Tokens

48 slot >> 54 slot = 70 Expansion Tokens
54 slot >> 60 slot = 200 Expansion Tokens

60 slot >> 66 slot = 250 Expansion Tokens

66 slot >> 72 slot = 300 Expansion Tokens

72 slot >> 78 slot = 300 Expansion Tokens
78 slot >> 84 slot = 300 Expansion Tokens

P2P Bank expansion system

Trade bags in at the bank for bank tokens.

Explorer's Bag: 2 Expansion Tokens.

Then buy bigger banks with the Expansion Tokens.

36 slots bank costs 13g.

48 slots bank costs 43g.
60 slots bank costs 4 Expansion Tokens.
72 slots bank costs 7 Expansion Tokens.
84 slots bank costs 10 Expansion Tokens.
96 slots bank costs 13 Expansion Tokens.
108 slots bank costs 16 Expansion Tokens.
120 slots bank costs 19 Expansion Tokens.
144 slots bank costs 39 Expansion Tokens.

F2P Bank expansion system

Use Expansion tokens to upgrade at the bank NPC.

36 bank slots is the default starting bank size.

5 Expansion tokens >> 48 bank slots.

13 Expansion Tokens >> 60 slots.

17 Expansion Tokens >> 72 slots.

27 Expansion Tokens >> 84 slots.

37 Expansion Tokens >> 96 slots.

40 Expansion Tokens >> 108 slots.

47 Expansion Tokens >> 120 slots.

53 Expansion Tokens >> 144 slots.

60 Expansion Tokens >> 180 slots.

100 Expansion Tokens >> 228 slots.

106 Expansion Tokens >> 252 slots.

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