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About endgame gearing

Gearing up in Allods Online takes a lot of gold to start with, but gearing up pays back in terms of power too.
Gearing up is what you do if you want to become better in the gameplay aspect of the game, wether it be pvp or pve.

Having a good gearscore contributes to being able to pump out good numbers to dps or heal and being able to withstand more damage as a tank or as a support.

Knowing the purpose of why you gear up is important because no one keeps doing what he or she doesn't think about. We all might get a bump in our motivation and if we got no purpose to chase, then we'll drop eventually what we're doing and leave it for what it is.

In the end, gear is important because it makes you what you are and affects up to what content you can handle, as a group, AND as individuals.


Tier I, II & III

Tier I equipment

The current gearing system in Allods has 3 different tiers.
Tier I being the weakest, Tier II being the middle, and Tier III being the strongest.
Everyone starts of by getting tier I, overtime crafts tier II, and then drops tier III from raids.
Compared to before where we upgraded our gear along the way, we now replace gearpieces.
You could say that % insignia's used on tier I gear will be "wasted" the most, as you'll end up replacing those with higher tiers. Try insignia's on tier II and III 1st. And remember that weapons are safe picks, as tier III for these are not yet in the game. They do require double the amount of insignia's tho.

Tier I

These are acquired from running dungeons in your current Astral Layer, as they simply drop from bosses. Astral Keys have no influence on the droprate.
Tier I can also be Acquired from Al Rihat chests which spawn each hour.
As well from Equipment Boxes you can purchase from certain vendors such as the Battlegrounds Vendor, Anomalous Vendor, etc.

PvP Rating vendor

Equipment Boxes from Rating Vendor.PNG

Battlegrounds vendor

Equipment Boxes from Battlegrounds Vendor.PNG

Anomalous Sector vendor

Al-Rihat vendor

Equipment Boxes from Anomalous Sector Vendor.PNG

The Al-Rihat vendor sells specific items, so it's a good pick when you're lacking those last 3 items, and they just won't drop no matter how many astral runs you're doing :D

Equipment from Al Rihat Vendor.PNG

Tier II

These are crafted on the Anvil. Either in Astral Academy, or in your capital's city.
These are what your Astral Keys are for. Along with your Profession for Workpieces, and Tools.
It's advised to always craft your Wand/2h 1st, as these are your main damage modifiers. Wether you should do Wand or 2h weapon, is up to your class. Scouts, mages etc. scale their damage of Wand. Warrior, Paladin scale their damage of their 2h weapon. Some classes make use of both. So then it's best to craft both t2 weapons. To find out what weapon your class scales with, go to a dummy, remove your equipped wand and start attacking. If u see abilities doing ridiculous low damage, then you know what benefits from your wand. The same applies for your 2h weapon.

Tier II equipment

These materials can be crafted from Professions, or bought from other players.
They require a max level Profession. Prices usually go up as we progress to later layers of astral.

These materials are gained from working your Enchanted Shards into Materials with Tools.

Tier II from the Anvil.PNG

Tier III

The tier III equipment drops from Nihaz Raids and Melting Isle
Each boss in Nihaz Citadel drops between 60 and 70 fragments of their own droptable.
So Hedus drops Victory Token: Hedus.
100 of these Victory Token: Hedus can be right clicked to pick any of it's original droptable:
Boots, Gloves, Wrists and Belt.
Avior drops Victory Token: Avior and Mirach drops Victory Token: Mirach. Same rules apply.
Avior gives accesoiries in general: Earrings, Rings and Necklace.
Mirach gives Chest, Shirt and Pants.
The gear items are bound to give certain stats, almost guaranteeing the stats you get.
Hedus drops Proficiency, Brutality and Determination.
Avior drops Swiftness and Luck.
Mirach drops only Supremacy.
It's worth mentioning that compared to tier I & II, stats cannot be changed. Tier III comes as they drop. This will change in 14.0.
As of patch 13.0, tier III is now also available from Melting Isle.
Melting Isle is a FFA PvP zone that lets you grab chests. Each chest is a currency. 150 currencies is a tier 3 by choice. 100 currencies is a tier 3 at random.


Tier III equipment

Not every tier III drops from everywhere. This picture shows us that. Tier III weapons and shoulder don't exist as of yet in the game. I assume these will be introduced on the 4th boss in the Nihaz Citadel raid.

Uro Boros drops tier III Helmet. He's a world boss that can be found in Suslanger. Everything on Uro Boros can be seen from this video.

t3 lootlist.png

It's worth mentioning that Tier III gear has certain rules applied to them considering stats.
Boots, Belt and Gloves always give either Proficiency, Brutality or Determination. It's random.
Rings, Necklace and Earrings always give either Swiftness, Supremacy or Luck. Again, it's random.
Pants, Cape, Chest and Shirt always give Supremacy. It's guaranteed.
Because of the guaranteed Supremacy, Supremacy classes (Summoner, Warrior, Scout, Priest) should focus on these pieces first.


How to get amalgam

To bring you all up to speed, amalgam has gotten useless since the 12.0 gearing system revamp.
If for any reason, you want to see the old system, you can do so here.
Amalgam is only used anymore to craft %-increase insignia's, whilst you can also get 103%, 106% and 109% by looting the Al-Rihat chests that spawn every hour. Or by going Heroic dungeons, which give that, and up to 115%, which is the maximum.
The Heroic way is a lot cheaper in cost of amalgams and gold too. Doing Al-Rihat already costs you nothing anymore. You can also buy them from the Al-Rihat vendor, the Battlegrounds vendor and the Rating arena vendor.
Which % you can buy from the Rating Arena's vendor depends on your rating there.
The Battlegrounds vendor only goes up to 106%, as does the Al-Rihat vendor.​​

Ranked Arena vendor

Rating Arena for % upgraders.PNG

Al-Rihat vendor

Al-Rihat for % upgraders.PNG

Battlegrounds vendor

Battlegrounds for % upgraders.PNG

If you are planning to go for a more solo adventure style gameplay, and you want to craft the insignia upgraders, then you'll have to go by the Anvil of Creation.

Anvil for % upgraders.PNG

As you can see for amalgam, you'll need 30 for the upgraders that brings your equipment pieces up to 100%.
And then 5 times as much amalgam for an upgrader up to 103%.
Any upgrader after that costs you twice as much, every time.
Not to mention that you cannot use replicators on crafted insignia's to double, triple or quadruple your insignia's.
Meanwhile replicators etc. can be used for Insignia boxes gained from Al Rihat, Battlegrounds, Rating PvP vendor, weekly boxes for your PvP rating, etc.
Therefor it's not efficient to go the Anvil of Creation way.


How to get dust

Just like amalgam, dust has the one and only purpose to craft % insignia's.
Mysterious Dust can be gained from using Tools on Mysterious Matter.
You can find the Mysterious Matter by killing bosses in astral without spending keys, or bought from the Negotiant Trader (at the Auction house or Astral Academy).
That means you'd either have no keys left, or you kill them with Helping Hand on.
Helping Hand is an ability in your spellbook. It prevents you from spending Astral Keys when you don't want to.
I personally do that to save my keys for a day where I get an order buff to boost my order prestige.

Anvil for % upgraders.PNG

As we have seen with Amalgam, you'll also need Mysterious Dust to craft these % upgraders.
A small 3600 for a 100% upgrader that brings any equipment piece up to 100%.
5 times as much is needed for a 103% upgrader.
Then twice as much for any of the following upgraders.
I want to stress here that crafting these % upgraders are not worth it.




There are 3 kinds of tools that the game offers in order to have a difference between players in terms of gearscore progress.
The standard Craftsman's tools are the cheapest ones. But also yield you the lowest results.

Then there are the costly Universal tools. You can get these by either crafting with your profession, buying/selling from/to other players, buying from the Rating Arena vendor, Ammer Dionic vendor, and your Order vendor offers them every 2 weeks.
These offer quality and should be used mainly when reworking materials gotten from your astral keys. Never on Mysterious Matter.

Then as last kind of tool, is the most powerful and rarest one, Dominion Tools.
These can only be received weekly from Dominions and the repeatable Guild Stronghold quest "Contribution to the Stronghold" offers 10 per completion.
100 Grains of Realgar becomes 1 Realgar, and gives you 1 Dominion Tool.

You can also get these from Collector Editions.

The Craftsman's Tool

The Universal Tool

The Dominion Tool

As you can see, you could say the following:
Craftsman's Tools = 100% gearing speed.

Universal Tools = 150% gearing speed.

Dominion Tools = 200% gearing speed.
As you may have noticed, on your materials, or on your dust, there are 3 numbers given. Each number means how much they give, depending on what kind of tools are used on them.

Craftsman's           Universal            Dominion

Usually, the Mysterious Matter is sold to the Negotiant trader.
The fabled and dominion tools are used for the Mysterious Shards.

Mysterious Shards are your only limited resource because that's linked to your astral keys. 
If you no longer have astral keys, then you will no longer be able to get Mysterious Shards, and so you can no longer craft more gear.
And you really are limited to only
14 astral keys/day.

Draconic Relics

About Draconic Relics

Draconic Relics are some sort of equipment that goes underneath your usual equipment.
It serves as a bonus source for your Vigor and Stamina, which are the main power stats.
1 or 2 items don't make a big difference, but once you've got a full set of Dragon Relics, it makes a big difference!

Draconic Relics come in different versions, where a new version is released every 2nd mini season.

Seasons in Allods Online.png

The previous 2* mini-season Draconic Relics are very easy to get and are not that much weaker than the current Draconic Relics.
The previous Draconic Relics can be found here:


  • Irene vendor for 3900 Ecu/piece

  • Battlegrounds vendor for 1200 battleground emblem/piece

  • Storm Djinn vendor for 10 Storm Essence/piece

  • 2 per boss kill drop in the Observatory raid

*Following relics are from the 12.0 epic-legendary mini-season

Irene vendor

Irene for Draconic Relics.PNG

Battlegrounds vendor

Battlegrounds for Draconic Relics.PNG

Storm Djinn vendor

Storm Djinn vendor for Draconic Relics.PNG

The up to date Draconic Relics are only giving 10 vigor more per piece.

These can be gained from:

  • Dominions vendor for 75 realgar/piece

  • Rating Arena vendor for 2500 Combat Emblems and 2500 Rating currency

  • 2 drop per boss kill in Nihaz raid

The Dominion vendor

Dominion vendor for +Draconic Relics.PNG

The rating vendor

Rating Arena for +Draconic Relics.PNG

The 2nd currency next to Combat Emblems are Draconic Blessing. You get this currency once a week, depending on how much Rating you have in 3x3 or 6x6, whichever has the most.
You then get 1:1 rating to Draconic Blessing currency.
This is done on the weekly reset at Thursday mornings at 04:00.
Below is a video explaining all about Draconic Relics again.

Draconic Relics Insignia.PNG

Just as with % upgraders for gear, you can also get % insignia's to upgrade your Draconic Relics by 10 levels, which equals 10 extra vigor and stamina per equipment piece.
There's only 1 kind per Draconic Relic.
The up to date versions can drop from Nihaz citadel bosses. Will drop with a 100% droprate from Guildkeeper bosses.

The previous Draconic Relic insignia's drop from Observatory bosses.
Using Triple Replicators on these boxes before opening is strongly advised.



The way how Artifacts work have changed since 12.0.
most is explained in the video below, but they basically extracted the main bonus from each artifact pre 12.0 and made a single artifact from them. Then divided artifacts between PvE and PvP-only content, and now u have to make choices what suits best to your gameplay along with your role.
Remember that PvP artifacts don't work in PvE areas, and the other way around.

For those that rather watch something than read, most of everything is explained in this video, excluding some new artifacts that were added not much later into 12.0.

There's about 7 artifacts for PvE, and another 7 for PvP. and there are 3 different tiers for each. And then there's the God's Legacy.
Let's start on the God's Legacy.

The God's Legacy is an expensive one, but it's the only one. And it's one that grows with you as long as you keep feeding it gold, Dream elixers and Gift of Dreams.
The latter is the real progressive block, just like gear is due to Astral Keys. So is your God's Legacy due to Dust of Creation.
Each week you can farm up to 3000 Dust of Creation.
You can farm them from following content:

  • Easy mode guildkeeper gets you 1000 per kill. Higher difficulties yield you less, but more Dream Elixer.

  • The weekly quest "Treasures of the Storm" from the Djinn in the desert yield you 500.

  • At the Dominion vendor, you can buy 200 per 6 Realgar.

  • At the Irene vendor of House de Grandeur, you can buy 200 per 1300 Ecu.

There are simply more income sources for this material, than you can spend.
Each 500 can be transformed into Gift of Dreams. And that's one of the resources you need to upgrade the God's Legacy.

You can only transform 6 per week, and that's where it's the same as your Astral Keys progression cap.

Next resource you need are Dream Elixer. You can get this from following content:

  • Rating Arena vendor, this is the main income.

  • Monster head vendor, you get the currency from Heroic dungeons.

  • You can get 500/week from the Djinn in the Suslanger Desert.

  • You can buy 100/1300 Ecu from House de Desirae in Irene.

  • The weekly Guildkeepers will get you some too.

  • The Dionic vendor in Ammer sells 100/300 Dionic Olympics Emblem.

To craft the God's Legacy, it's a big initial investment. To upgrade it as you go, you'll see it starts to take more resources for the same power increase. I'd say the sweet spot is on level 20. Anything higher is either because you're powerhungry or because you're a baron ^^

The initial cost, and the upgrade material
For the God's Legacy

God's Legacy materials.PNG

Each 10 levels, up to 40, the cost increases.
The power increase, diminishes.

Jinn's Gift.PNG

Then there are the PvP and the PvE artifacts. You'll also notice that PvE content drops PvE artifacts. And PvP content yields you PvP artifacts.
Starting with the PvE artifacts, there are 3 tiers.

Tier 1 can be bought from the Al-Rihat and Djinn in Suslanger Desert vendor. It can also drop in astral. I believe by now that heroic and normal dungeons have about the same droprate.

Al Rihat vendor

PvE t1 Al Rihat artifacts.PNG

Suslanger Djinn

PvE t1 Suslanger Djinn desert artifacts.PNG

For tier 2 PvE artifacts, they only drop by doing Observatory raid, 1 drops per boss.
All artifacts also do the same, higher tiers are simply more efficient at what they do.

Tier 3 drops only in Nihaz Citadel, 1 per boss.

PvE_Yokke's Guardian Shield.PNG
PvE_Aidenus's Holy Ark.PNG
PvE_Gorluxor's Bloodied Blade.PNG
PvE_Tensess's Protective Cloak.PNG
PvE_Lorelei's Purifying Song.PNG
PvE_Skrakan's Radiant Staff.PNG
PvE_Pascal's Absolute Barrier.PNG

Then there are the PvP artifacts, which you can get by doing PvP.
The battlegrounds vendor sells the tier 1 artifacts.
The Rating Arena vendor sells the tier 2 artifacts, granted that you have >1200 rating in either 3x3 or 6x6.
The Dominion vendor sells you tier 3 artifacts. Realistically, you can only upkeep 1 all the time, depending on how much realgar you get each week from dominions.

T1 Battlegrounds vendor

PvP t1 Battlegrounds artifacts.PNG

T2 Rating Arena vendor

PvP t2 Rating arena artifacts.PNG

T3 Dominion vendor

PvP t3 Dominion artifacts.PNG
PvP_Canaan's Killing Arrow.PNG
PvP_Elleken's Boots of Travel.PNG
PvP_Nemeina's Deadly Whip.PNG
PvP_Nefer Ur's Jade Rod.PNG
PvP_Nezeb's Chalice of Wrath.PNG
PvP_Yasker's Talisman of Willpower.PNG
PvP_Zayan's Book of Life.PNG
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