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14.0 Call of Legends, is here!

Tomorrow, 30th of March, we're getting 14.0 installed on EU live servers! This means quite some changes, such as a new map and storyline. Welcome to ISA! We're going to get a new season. Goodbye gear, hello fresh start!

Class changes! A lot of class changes are coming! Especially tank classes get reworked to equalize tank performance among the 4 tankers. The way how buffs and debuffs get applied and some work mechanics also get a new logic behind them.

The gear system gets overhauled! We're going to get a new gear system. Instead of dropping t3's, we'll be crafting them from now on. Upgrading t2 is the new how-to. More content is required to get your upgrades, such as Uro-Boros, Melting Isle, Battle of Ambrosia, obs raids and nihaz raids. Find out more in our video!

Prepare yourselves with Luzy's guide for the 14.0 changes!

Hope you're as excited as we are for the new season! See you on launch day after the weekly reset!

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