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Smuggler's Paradise server population!


We have been tracking some data to keep on eye on our little server's population, just to know what's up but we've never really done anything with the information aside from keeping it up to date and finetuning maintenance on it.

So we thought it might be cool to update weekly how our population is standing and how it's growing.

Nothing of the data is pure server data, it's done by pulling data from our friendlist and guilds (serves as database) and pushing that through a small program to the import it to google sheets magic.

Now that's all explained, here's some insights!

10 empires but sure didn't feel that way last week. We've only seen 1 empire player hold the gates for the empire! What a chad :)

41 League doesn't feel right either, but could be considering not everyone logs in at the same time.

We did have a big influx of new names as you can see on the retention graph. We did have a whopping 19 peak online during dominion, so that was a nice sight.

Hope those new peeps stick around! :muscle:

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