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Smuggler's Paradise update 06/02 - 12/02/2023

Hello my dear Sarnautions! Coming back with the updates in our server from last week!

Unfortunately, our total has dropped by 12 players, which is quite big. Now endgame wise, little to nothing has changed. So this drop is mostly from levelling players giving up or getting busy elsewhere. The end of the current season is also contributing to players laying low, hibernating almost, for it's new season 14.0.

When we look at retention, we see a decrease of new players flooding in too. Only 4 new names were sighted last week, so that's 60% less than before that. Sad you could say, but it can't always be rainbows and sunshine!


There was little development on Dominions, so we're just going to skip that this week.


Compass rating

Onwards to better news! After a dreading 2 weeks of trying, they finally did it! Avarice's team managed to break their record and push their new all time high this season to 22! Sadly burning all 23's they had in a single night, they are now set back to dabbling in 19's. But the season isn't over yet. 25 is still very much possible :D

More on that can be seen here.


Some Content Creator news!

A new video was made showing how the new StatCalculator works, and wether it's viable. Are you new to the Allods Universe? Then it's definitely a worthy 20 minutes of your time.


A story about Smuggler's Paradise!

Deep within the vast and treacherous virtual world of Allods Online, there existed a lowly populated server that was shrouded in mystery and fear.

The players who dared to venture onto this server were few and far between, and those who did seldom stayed for long.

There was a strange and inexplicable pattern that emerged on this server.

Every so often, a new player would appear, seemingly out of nowhere.

They would spend a few hours exploring the world, chatting with other players, and learning the ins and outs of the game.

But just as suddenly as they arrived, they would vanish into thin air, leaving no trace of their existence behind.

At first, people simply shrugged it off as a strange glitch in the game's code.

But as the cycle continued, players became increasingly unnerved by the disappearance of their fellow adventurers. Rumors began to circulate of a dark force at work on the server, something that was snatching up players and dragging them into the shadows.

As time went on, the disappearances became more frequent and more brazen.

Some players reported seeing shadowy figures lurking in the corners of their screens, watching them silently before vanishing into the ether.

Others claimed to have heard ghostly whispers in their headsets, beckoning them to follow.

Fear took hold of the few remaining players on the server. They banded together, forming tight-knit groups and barricading themselves in fortified virtual strongholds. But even with their combined efforts, they could not escape the dark fate that seemed to be stalking them.

And so, the lowly populated server in Allods Online became a place of horror and dread, where players disappeared without a trace and no one knew where they had gone.

To this day, the mystery of the server remains unsolved, and players still whisper of the dark force that haunts its virtual halls.

Made with ChatGPT.


We've had little luck of seeing any new t3 gear drop from either Battle of Eden or Uro Boros, so nothing new there.

We are still looking for eager players to bring in information regarding F2P too! If you feel the calling upon you, then let us know! That's that for this week! Hope to see you next week again. As always, here is a new gif for your enjoyment <3 Happy Valentine's!

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