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Smuggler's Paradise update 10/04/2023 - 24/04/2023

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Hello again, Sarnautians!

It's been another 2 weeks since our last read, so we got some news to bring, updates to announce and all that good stuff.

We've changed how the Smuggler's Paradise population is tracked, which is prone to less errors and more accurate numbers.



2 weeks ago

As you might recall from the last article, the population doubled from 31 to 74, due to the new patch and the rise of the Empire faction.

That hasn't wore off yet, as we're still growing. We've gone now to an amazing 92 playercount :D Any other mmo gamer would laugh at what we're celebrating here, but we know well enough that these are numbers to be cheerished.


League as good as doubling Empire numbers as of writing. This reflects in the dominion fights where League has a good 3 groups, Empire has their hopes in only 1.

Of course a lot of these numbers are still levelling players, however, every single one of these have been playing since the last 7 days, so everyone is active nonetheless.

The retention shows us a big increase in newer players still, as good as 366%!

The total amount of players increased by a small 28%, but it's an increase nontheless.



Dominions have been going stable after a long time of silence. Players seem excited to PvP in the Dominions, and afterwards blow off steam in the Battlegrounds.

Last Sunday had Empire bringing a strong party led by Aerialls that had to face off 3 groups of League. Score says all, Empire is standing their grounds!



We've had quite some videos pass by these past 2 weeks from our SPCC's.

Starting off with Luzy! She's made a video explaining how to set up her UI, as many have asked her how she's managed to set up that clean combat dashboard. The secrets are unveiled, hear, hear!

Love to Turkey! For their have their CC too now, Aerialls! Showing off his PvP scout gameplay and build, you'll now be a master archer sniping players before they'll even notice you. Sharpen those arrows, this is Aerialls Scout PvP guide!

A new Carnifex came along to Smuggler's Paradise, and quite fitting for the Eden patch. Only too bad we're now in ISA already haha. Either way, if you wonder how it looked before pulling that wallet, you can check it out here.

Another PoV of last Raid Dominion can be seen through the screen of Luzy. Quite interesting Priest gameplay with voices from their discord.

Last one for this article, we've got a Scout tank guide for those interested in the arts of becoming a matrix dancing scout! Quite literally, dodging, everythig coming at you while still holding aggro and preventing any deaths to your beloved group members, that's what it's all about!



As we have last week some news about the world event rotations, we'll start covering in this article about Iranoh, the 4th boss coming to the Nihaz Citadel raid!

As with every boss kill, a nice casket with a unique costume derived from the specific boss is being dropped for a good ol' dice roll among your raid members. Iranoh won't be any different. We've already acquired visuals about what the costume will entail, and I gotta say, it's looking really sick!

Iranoh is the latest addition to the Nihaz Citadel raid and I am hoping to see new raids coming to the game, we've had Nihaz for a good while now. Since lv85's Foul Dale came into the story actually. What's time flying! Iranoh looks really sick too, if only we could get boss weapons for skins :D

Still hungry for more? You can find out the original post here.

Another interesting topic is the new GUIDE CONTEST launched for the EU players!

You're invited to create guides about either ingame content/activities or ingame classes, and prizes are to be won!

Extemely interesting for Smuggler's Paradise players, as it's a great opportunity to earn some juicy MoA's!

Every language is eligible for their own prizepool, and you can win up to 8k MoA!

If that ain't no motiviation, then I got bad news for you 😵


Anyways, that is all again for this article! I believe we'll continue with the 2-weekly posts as a consistent flow, as more often will get me quite busy. Don't want no posts with little to no content either, do we now.

As per usual, we say goodbye with a nice gif, and we'll see you on the next one! 🧡

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