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Smuggler's Paradise update 19/05/2023 - 16/06/2023

Hey Sarnaut! It's again been another month, so it's time for another update on our small server! I will try to explain what's going on so that spectators could feelt he urge to join in to the fun!



4 weeks ago

population of 4 weeks ago

As is still the most requested information about our server, the population.

82 total players was 4 weeks ago, and we've grown back to a whopping 153!

I am aware that these numbers look sketch, but it's purely addon data, so it's as accurate as can get.

For the researchers among us, source of data is this.


population of now

I will refrain from posting the retention data this time as I have been slacking on manually inputting new player names, so it will be off. I recovered what I could and put in the sheet anyways.



Moving on to Dominions then!

The last month in Blue Layer was an interesting one! Despite League having plenty of well crafted t3 gear, they had been struggling to keep the lead multiple weaks, as well as actually losing several weeks to the Empire.

It proves of Empire having a well rounded group ready to fight off the biggest threats thrown at them!

The Empire is taking home the last Dominion of Blue Layer, and with that shows their superior dominance!

The final ranking of the last Dominion of the Blue Layer.

Domi rating from Avarice POV

Fight history from League POV

Domi fight history of Avarice POV

Legacy definitely shows how PvP is played and how Dominions are won. Kudos to them!

Watch our last Raid Dominion of the Blue Layer here!



Luzy bringing some breezing chills in this warm weather! Guiding us into ISA, showing us the white and snow of Sarnaut's newest.

Another creation of Luzy, one that's well demanded.

A full Astral Ship guide on how it works, why build one and what can be done with these amazing ships.

That is all I have found since last month. If you yourself are a content creator and player of Smuggler's Paradise, be sure to let us know via Discord .dragagon to get added to our tracking list, and be sure you'll be featured on our website and discord.

Speaking of discord, we run a community discord for everyone playing or interested in Smuggler's Paradise.

Be sure to hop in, say hi and take advantage of our tools there.



As mentioned in the Dominion section, the end of Blue Layer was just yesterday, blowing off the beginning of Epic Layer! With the 4th boss in Nihaz Raid, Warden getting a new gameplay role, and a new rotating open world system with new rewards and currencies to grind, activity sure does look good for Allods.

Don't miss out on all this and what's more to come that developers haven't told us about yet, and hop in!

With that new Epic Layer, a new Collector's Edition was also introduced! That CE, and many more can be found in our section about CE's. If interested, you can buy the newest Collector's Edition right here: Spring Collector's Editions! | Allods Online (


And that's it for this article! I hope you still enjoy these, and if you don't, then let us hear what can be improved upon! As always, enjoy the game, have fun, and here's a (older) gif!

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