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Smuggler's Paradise update 21/3/2023 - 09/04/2023

Updated: Apr 26

Hi Sarnaut! Quite exciting changes since last time we had a read! 14.0 did hit at the end of March as we hoped for, and with that a ton of changes happend to Smuggler's Paradise! Population increased by a tenfold! Plenty of people to enjoy the game with now, lots of returning veterans and newer players dipping their toes in what 14.0 has to offer. Along with that comes a new gearing system that's going to make equipment give more meaning in terms of tier III. Weapons and shoulder are finally tier III too now so we can all go nuts.

As good practice, we'll start by giving an update on our player numbers first.




With an increase of over double the amount of players now starting to actively play, we're seein nearly 80 compared to the previous 31. Empire more than doubled their numbers in the last month while League didn't do too bad either. I've left Jason behind and turned my attention to all the newbies that came in, what refreshing!

4 weeks ago

14.0 was a great banger for a lot of people, curious if people are going to stick as well 👀

Lots of newbies also mentioned coming back since seeing the content we put around here, made them feel nostalgic. We must be doing something right, right!?

We can see that retention spiked in the last few weeks, and kept on growing so far. Here's praying it'll continue doing so 🤞



We've had a great first Dominions on both Sun- and Wednesday!

Sundays were filled with 3 groups covering the League where Empire had only one so far.

The raid dominion was a steady 9 Empires defending their turf against 12 Leagues, and it weren't the Novograd guards. You can watch the very first & only Dominion down here.


CONTENT CREATORS We've seen quite some videos pass along the last month!

Luzy with her great thumbnails as per usual! Highlighting nicely what our community is build around ❤️

Suman bringing the inner Warrior outside to our brave players standing on the frontlines! Looking to optimize your damage and finetune that sword? This video is going to help you out!

With 14.0 comes a new gearing system, especially covering the tier III system! With this video, you'll learn all about this new system and be well on your way to fame and riches! 💪

And for those wanting to take the sword&board to take the hits for your friends and guild, the tanking is your way to go! With this guide, you'll be prepared to take the biggest bosses and intake the highest hits!


ALLODS NEWS As a good news source, we want to inform everyone about everything allods related, and so with this post, we'll be doing that from now on! Highlights from both RU and EU in one place. We'll search what's useful and important to know because we all love the world of Sarnaut and staying informed is just common sense.

We're going to get started with the alteration of world events! For now these include Uro-Boros, Storm in Suslanger and Battle for Ambrosia. You'll have to unlock these by simply starting the introduction mini quest just like you do with unlocking Guild Keepers. Doing these world events is going to get your currency that you can spend on a variety of great items, such as but not limited to, Astralium Workpieces, Creation of Dust, tier I PvE artifacts, Draconic Relics from previous layers. Lots of changes will come to the vendors and the working of the open world events, but more will be explained in details in a video later. The first additional content they are planning to add to this fiesta is Wandering Island's commanders. More can be read about these big changes here!


That's all for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed the read, got informed well and got excited to jump into Smuggler's Paradise if you haven't yet! As per usual, here is a gif and see you til the next post!

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