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Smuggler's Paradise Update 23-29/01/2023

Alright! We'll start off with a new population update from last week :)

As we can see, our weekly playerbase increased from 40 logged in within a week to 52 logged ins. That's a 10% increase of activity :)

It did not reflect that on dominion tho.

When we look at retention instead, we see that we got 10 extra new players on the servers since the start of last week, and that our overall population is on the rise.

That also means it can get worse, but let's just pray not :D

Looking at dominions then!

They have gotten pretty stale :(

Compared to last week, this is how it looked this week.

as you can see, not much to expect from. TDD showed up for only the last 2 fights, but it definitely is not the same mentality as Evolution's dominions. Empire really needs a kickstart if Dominions wants to become anything it used to be.

Are compasses any better then?

Alas, not much has changed compared to last week :(

As Avarice's team tried and struggled a few compasses last week, they did not manage to push their limits to new heights.

Same word comes from the yasker's underlings.

Praise laziness! and failures. It was mostly failures.

Some good news atleast, we finally had a new tier 3 item drop again!

Coming down to our 2nd t3 Shoulder this layer :D

It dropped on on Teusday the 24th. It was a deter/surv shoulder tho, so that's a pve/pvp stat :(

Interesting foresights

Some interesting developments were seen on the official discord too!

Empire's beloved leader Madraen might return to the scene to kick some life into empire.

For those that don't know what Madraen means in the P2P scene, here's a small reference :)

Will he manage to rebuild his Empire this time without a nervous breakdown? I suppose we'll see next update!

A gift of the heart

Since we're at the end of this month, and our server could desperately need it, we'll give away a month of subscription so that you could end up in this news update! All you need to do comment down below this article and you're entered into the raffle!

here's our weekly gift for you all!

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