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Smuggler's Paradise update 27/2 - 20/3/2023

Hello my Sarnautions!

It's been another 3 weeks since our last update and that's because there is not much to update on :( Same old, same old, as they say. It's been 3 weeks however so I do owe you guys some work! RU is getting another Q&A and EU's 14.0 is drawing nearer so things are in the air. EU can expect 14.0 by the end of March, updating posts started to appear over time so we can expect it probably the 30th this month, as it starts on a new ingame week. *These are my personal assumptions and are not official statements.


POPULATION UPDATE As we're used here by now, a population update is in order. And it's a disappointing one.

3 weeks ago

With a drop of over 30%, we've gone from 40 logged in players 3 weeks ago to about 31. And we feel it! Nothing happens anymore in the game. For myself, I have been just grinding Battle of Ambrosia achievements with friends that still haven't given up. But for the most part outside of those event times, it's novograd time. Heck, I learned that the left novograd guard in the Novograd square is called Jason and that his wife is stuck in their house because it has no moving door.


Dude has been trying to get her out for 12 years :( But well, maybe moving doors are a thing in 14.0 :D

Humor aside, it's the only thing to cope with the current situation.

Looking at retention instead, we see that some new players still jumped the storm and contributed to playing the game <3 So most of the popu drop comes from older players haven given up or wait out 14.0.


DOMINIONS & COMPASS RATINGS I am going to go ahead and skip Dominions and Compass ratings. It'd be a waste of your time.



We luckily have the saviors of the modern age! Influencers, Content Creators, Media Manupilators, AttentionRats. Call them all you want, they're the honest and transparent folk of news and journalism in their field. And entertainment!

Bringing Luzy with new videos covering Achievements. Wonder if she's going on the crown hunt for the points 🤔

Intrepide bringing nice guides along to educate the newer players, and also veterans like myself learned some tricks here! Well explained and shown clear and simple as usual!


Ever wondered what's up between the Draconids and the June people? Me too! We went to mister chat and asked if he knew anything about it.

In the beginning, the Draconids were a proud and noble race of dragon-like beings who lived on a distant planet. They possessed immense power and wisdom, and their civilization was one of the most advanced in the universe.

However, one day a great cataclysm struck their planet, and the Draconids were forced to flee. They traveled through the cosmos for countless ages until they finally found a new home on the Allods.

The June people, on the other hand, were a race of peaceful and wise beings who inhabited the Eljune isles. They lived in harmony with the land and the creatures of the sea, and their society was based on mutual respect and cooperation.

When the Draconids arrived on the Allods, they were fascinated by the beauty and richness of the Eljune isles. They saw the June people as primitive and weak, and they began to enslave them, forcing them to work in the Draconid's mines and factories.

However, one June woman named Eriana refused to submit to the Draconids. She led a rebellion against their oppressors, and the June people joined her in the fight for freedom.

The Draconids were caught off guard by the strength and determination of the June people. They had never encountered such fierce resistance before. The two races were locked in a bitter conflict that lasted for many years.

But Eriana was wise, and she knew that the only way to end the conflict was through peace. She sought out the leader of the Draconids, a wise and powerful dragon named Akaron, and challenged him to a duel.

Akaron and Eriana fought for days, their power and wisdom evenly matched. But in the end, Eriana emerged victorious. She spared Akaron's life and offered him a proposition: they would form an alliance, and the Draconids would help the June people rebuild their society.

Akaron accepted the offer, and together they worked to forge a new society that would benefit both races. The Draconids used their advanced knowledge of science and technology to help the June people rebuild their cities and infrastructure, while the June people taught the Draconids about the beauty and harmony of nature.

The alliance between the Draconids and the June people lasted for many generations, and it became one of the most prosperous and peaceful eras in the history of the Allods.

And so, the story of the Draconids and the June people teaches us that even in the face of oppression and conflict, there is always hope for peace and cooperation, if we are wise and determined enough to seek it out.


And we're already at the end. Not much else is left to mention but to wish you a nice day wherever you are. I thank thee for reading to the end and as always, here's a gif of a dragon disappearing! Wonder when this ol' dragon is going to disappear 🤔

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