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Smuggler's Paradise update 31/05/2024 - 20/06/2024

Hey, hello and welcome back to another edition of our SP's updates!

It's almost been another month since our last post, it's a weird morning where for some reason I am well awake and found some time to properly sit down and go over everything to share with you all <3



Looking back at our last post, the counter was on 135 League players that were active, meaning online for atleast since 14 days ago now.

As can be seen on our right side, we've taken a tumble down towards 129, which is still high! But it is less than last post and means we're not going up.

I do know a few player names that used to play and now that I think about it, have been some time since I last saw them online. But that's fine! Can't always have them all :)

Still no information about the Empire side. No one has reached out to me so far, and I doubt they will due to the language barrier.



Now this is an interesting matter!

As of last time, we spoke about how a 3rd quite big guild came to exist and participated in dominions. Sadly, that didn't last long. They have decided as since to move towards Empire and simply join Legacy, turning it into one megapolis of Turkish players.

That brings us from 3 to 2 active (big) guilds, but I have to say I barely felt the absence of their guild.

Their decision was a right one, and it shows:

It is hard to counter a guild that can cover 4 full groups in Champion Dominions, even if they are not as strong, as many of their groups claim free wins.

Considering that, Avarice still performed strong throughout all of the Dominions.

The PvP is seeping from left to right and Sunday is one big PvP fest :D It's a lot of fun!

So we won't be seeing Kuvaya Miliye no more, but we'll see them on the battleground simply with a Legacy tag, which I personally think sounds a lot better :)

The last Dominion Raid Battle we had Wednesday was also one to write home about! We've had 2 very close calls to the deciding factor whether it continues or not, and the footage down here shows all that!

There is a POV from league and a POV from Empire.

I recommend watching the final moments from Empire here, as it sums up pretty nicely how the PvP went :D

The Empire POV here shows how they struggled at the beginning, had to plant their feet on the ground and get serious to stand their ground!

The music Aerialls plays is very good for tension building :D It sucked me right in!

And here's the League's POV trying their hardest to capture as much ground as they can to get that bonus Realgar. It's extremely hard as Legacy offered great resistances!

And this final clip really is my favorite! Showing their relief shows that the PvP was really good and fun. People tried their best and no matter the outcome, return home with a satisfied feeling :D



Checking out the content our Content Creators made so far on our P2P server,

Starting off with Bodozlama that's moved over to the Empire, that brings along having to do some thing over. Such as getting your Locus rubies back :) And that's exactly what he did in this stream here. Go and cheer him on!

Meanwhile Aerialls focuses on some great PvP content where he shows them do the Raid dominion we spoke of earlier in this post, followed by an Observatory run!

We then welcome a new player to the Content Creators, Karna!

He streams his adventure in Sarnaut on how he becomes a hero they write home about!

And the final player I wanted to highlight for this post is another guild member that goes by Lysanias! He's been gaming with us for a while and has his very own dedicated Turkish group inside Avarice! A flexible strong player that plays different classes when his group needs him to, but shines as a bard! :D



Allods Online's official webpage has been slowly seeping in some peeks into what's to come for 15.0, and that's usually a good hint!

They are preparing their players for the new to come and we're surely going to cover it coming Monday and Teusday to keep you all informed!

So a lot better news than last post, and I hope they keep at it so we could expect the 15.0 patch at this rate by perhaps, in about 2 weeks? But don't shoot me if I am wrong!


That's it for this time's post!

Next one might come in 2 weeks or so, remember to join us in the P2P discord via the big shiny button down here

See you in there, see ya next week, and keep on gaming!

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Jun 22

This guy made a woman cry and quit the game because of his toxicity hahaha add these next time


Jun 22

things you forgot to write

1 You are a toxic player 2 you are alienating people from both avarice and the game. 3 There are a lot of people quitting the game because of toxicity 4 and after this happens you cry because there are no players in smuggler paradise and it wont cause of you. Bye

Jun 22
Replying to

Just keep be toxic and cry man keep it up parker

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