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Smuggler's Paradise update from 30/1 - 5/2/2023

Heyy everyone and welcome back to another edition of the weekly life in Smuggler's Paradise!

In this week's ep, we'll update you on our population growth, dominion unfoldings, raiding events, content created on the server and all the goodies you can win, so let's not keep you waiting!

Starting with our population balance, we see the same total numbers as last week, which is nice. But most notably, we see an increase in Empire players (11 to 15) while a decrease in League players (41 to 37) :o Things are moving around!

At the same time, our retention is holding up. We had another 10 new names joining into the server but it all balanced out. The growth direction shows us that the popultion retention is dwindling while new names are increasing ever so slightly.


On to some dominion news!

They weren't spectacle no more. Some free afk wins against the sole survivor of the Empire state once again.

These are sad Sunday evenings. Good for coffee chatting on discord tho.


Just as last week, no new developments were made in these ratings.

Team Avarice tried climbing but to no avail. Instead they did push reincarnations into the Flying rating tho. Grabbing all those Monster Heads as the end of the Relic Layer is nearing. We can't wait to set foot on ISA and start over with a clean sheet :D


Some Content Creator news then!

A few videos have been released past week.

You can sharpen up your professions with Luzy's new guides!

Both Leather and Blacksmithing guides got you covered and you can level along very easily. Perfect for those 2 monitor gamers among you.

Looking for a more combat oriented guide? Then perhaps you can become a master summoner with this brand new guide on the PvE DPS Summoner!

We are nearing our 4th week away from 14.0 hitting EU servers!

it's only a matter for blinking before we're set to ISA! Exciteeeee \o/

We also have our winner for the Subscription giveaway, @eu.bachara. Congratulations! DM me on discord to claim your subtime :)

That's all for this week, thanks for reading and see you next week! <3 Enjoy this GIF!

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