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Racial abilities

What are Racial Abilities?

Racial Abilities are abilities that are unique to each race and class.

These can be found in any mmorpg to give more story to a class and its race, and it's no different in Allods Online. Until the introduction of the Book of Secrets.

This items allows players to get all racial abilities for their current class.

It's a permanent item so whenever you swap to a different class via a normal, 2 way or Omnificent Core Morpher, are given all different racials from that class.

It's also considered a boutique item, on both P2P and F2P, so it's also active for all your reincarnations.

Neat right!?

Some Racial Abilities information

Racial Abilities may have different cooldowns, but they all share cooldown. Meaning that if you use one Racial, all other Racials go on the same cooldown.

Ex. Using a 2m cd Racial will make that other 3m cd Racial also go on cooldown for 2m.

Racial Abilities are available after completing the World Mystery Quest: x. Available from lv8.

Racial Abilities info

Racial Abilities list

Warrior Racial Ability

The Warrior


The League faction races.

  • A Kanian Warrior is a Champion. They have Battle Cry.
    Battle Cry is not often used. Courage is something that only reduces CC durations that are incoming, not currently applied. And it's something your support will mostly try to do anyways.

  • A Gibberling Warrior is a Brawler. They have Battle March.
    This one is more a utlity to get around in town and be faster in dungeons rather than actual combat good.
    You don't see this one used often.

The Empire faction races.

  • A Xadaganian Warrior is a Vanquisher. They have Deep Defense.
    Now Deep Defense is the creme de la creme. This Racial is probably most of all used. Since most Warriors run as tanks, this is a great ability to have as a tank. Same for a DPS in PvP, although it can be dispelled.

  • An Orc Warrior is a Brute. They have Furious Howl.
    A great Racial on first sight. Simple extra CC. Alas, diminishing is a thing and the Warrior already has so many Stuns that it renders the Racial useless.

The Neutral faction races.

  • A Priden Warrior is a Warlord. They have Animal Pounce.
    Now this is more like. This is mostly used on DPS Warrior in the beginning for combat. Great starter but not really used after that.

  • An Aoidos Warrior is a Praetorian. They have Hold the Line!.
    Bit of a weird Racial here. Unsure what situation you'd be using it in. Experimention is key?


The Scout

Scout Racial Ability

The League faction races.

  • A Kanian Scout is a Ranger. They have Sticky Bomb.
    As it may be great to restore Gear Piece, you'll have plenty already in your rotation. So this is not the greatest racial there is to use.

  • A Gibberling Scout is a Trickster. They have Paralyzing Arrow.
    This is definitely one of the more useful Racials for a Scout. A pretty good CC that doesn't diminish with the rest of its CC kit. Great interupt for high end content, both PvE as PvP.

The Empire faction races.

  • A Xadaganian Scout is a Stalker(class)/Saboteur(skill desc). They have Sabotage.
    Pretty great to escape in PvP, or keep a pack on distance in Compass dungeons, but it still snares and you want to avoid that as much as possible for PvE group content.

  • An Orc Scout is a Marauder(class)/Thug(skill desc). They have Distraction.
    Now this is probably the best Racial of a Scout Tank. Especially combined with Smoke Cloud and/or Swingout.

The Neutral faction races.

  • A Priden Scout is a Hunter. They have Sybaris.
    Could be seen as a potential DPS booster as Scout Tank. Or for PvP. But PvP has better options.

  • An Aoidos Scout is a Sagittarius. They have Tricky Trap.
    This is well used as a PvP scout, mostly together with the Hunter's Trap. Never really for PvE. I'd say the Paralyzing Arrow is more useful for PvE scenario's.


The Demonologist

Demonologist Racial Ability

The League faction races.

  • A Kanian Demonologist is a Heretic. They have Tricky Shadow.
    This could be used well for PvP, but other options out there are better. Rarely see this one used.

  • An Elf Demonologist is a Metamorph. They have Astral Mutation.
    One of the better Racial for a Demonologist. Great for PvP, as you focus on single target damage there.
    As well as for DemoTanks that need to kite. That way they can keep their Torturer's Blade spam up.

The Empire faction races.

  • A Xadaganian Demonologist is an Occultist. They have Shackles of Pain.
    It could be used in PvP, as the Demon Giant Form has a nice ruby, Hero Killer, complimenting this. But not used often at all.

  • An Arisen Demonologist is a Homuncle. They have Life Leech.
    Great for self healing for 10s, but what's the point when you want it consistently? You'll run plenty of bloodlust from gear anyways, so this is not a good option.

The Neutral faction races.

  • An Aoidos Demonologist is a Cabbalist. They have Dark Mirror.
    It's a single target dispell. One not many people know of. It's great utlity to have at the ready, so definitely good to have and know that it's there for use.


The Paladin

Paladin Racial Ability

The League faction races.

  • A Kanian Paladin is a Crusader. They have Unity.
    Applies a small absorption shield to the group. Not that great unless to help your group withstand aoe's in PvE.
    Best application I see for this is when an Epic quality demon defender dies in a maze, dealing 90% fixed damage to the group. Making that 80%. Could definitely save some deaths there. Especially useful considering there is a 9 deaths limit.

  • An Elf Paladin is a Templar. They have Talon Strike.
    Small single target Crowd Control Stun. It's okay considering it's not the Paladin's CC kit.
    Paladin's CC kit is more considered Blinds. So no diminishing with that, but there are better Racial options out there.

The Empire faction races.

  • A Xadaganian Paladin is a Avenger. They have Holy Rupture.
    An AOE "sacrifice" Racial, really not that great unless you absorb some massive single PvE damage to help clear adds around a boss.

  • An Orc Paladin is a Reaver. They have Mirror Shield.
    This is exactly what Warrior's ruby x does. Not great in any situation.

The Neutral faction races.

  • A Priden Paladin is a Apologist (They like to apologize, bdum). They have Vengeance.
    This is one of the better Racials for Paladin there. Especially PvE. Quickly gets you some missing Cannons and still does decent damage to not consider your gcd wasted.

  • An Aoidos Paladin is a Prelate. They have Philosophy of Defense.
    This Racial resets the counters of your barriers. Not so ideal. Can't imagine why a paladin would need that, let alone a tank Paladin.


The Priest

Priest Racial Ability

The League faction races.

  • A Kanian Priest is a Cleric. They have Verity.
    This used to be a badass spell to kill demons, now it's just another dot. Not used as often.

  • An Elf Priest is a Priest(class)/Chaplain(skill desc). They have Zealot's Ardor.
    Standard buffing ability to increase Bloodlust and Luck. Could be used to increase DPS but other racials are much better to use, such as the following one.

The Empire faction races.

  • A Xadaganian Priest is a Inquisitor(class)/Political Commissar(skill desc). They have Protective Sign.
    This is definitely the go to Racial Ability. Super low cooldown, no gcd, great value. Spam this on tanks. Spam this on PvP. It's broken :D

  • An Arisen Priest is a Priest(class)/Heretic(skill desc). They have Dazzling Star.
    This is the same as Blind, but an aoe version. Pretty good but the half time Protective Sign outweights it.

The Neutral faction races.

  • A Priden Priest is a Watcher. They have Watcher's Vow.
    It's a pretty good racial to use for PvP if you're solo like openworld or Battlegrounds.

  • An Aoidos Priest is a Theurgist. They have Denial.
    It's okay for PvP scenario's, but will get very specific, very fast.


The Summoner

Summoner Racial Ability

The League faction races.

  • A Kanian Summoner is a Warlock. They have Dark Blood.
    Dark Blood is okay for a DOT, but most Summoners on DPS in endgame content keep their cooldown ready for Channel of Life, incase a tank needs it.

  • An Elf Summoner is a Demonologist. They have Dark Frenzy.
    Dark Frenzy could be used well in your burst for the extra Luck, if you'd think there is no need healing the tank anytime soon.

The Empire faction races.

  • A Xadaganian Summoner is a Defiler. They have Channel of Life.
    This is by far my favorite Racial in all of the game, because it's utlity is just so good. Almost negates the need for healers in any group and raids if you have a few Summoners rotating this on the tank.

  • An Arisen Summoner is a Savant. They have Dust to Dust.
    This is the go to for any PvP Summoner playing on Support. Big heal and you can resummon your pet right after. Overpowered at best.


The Druid

Druid Racial Ability

The League faction races.

  • A Kanian Druid is a Druid. They have Jimson Weed.
    Sure is one of the better Racials for Druid. A good CC, doesn't diminish with the rest of its CC kit.

  • Gibberling Druid is an Animist. They have Secret of the Animists.
    This has the longest name for a Racial skill, but sure isn't the best :(
    Used to be rather good, now no longer. Waste of gcd on healer.

The Empire faction races.

  • A Xadaganian Druid is a Huntmaster. They have Pestilient Herbs.
    Just a Damage Over Time, usually never works out well as a Racial. Too low damage. Another waste of gcd.

  • An Orc Druid is a Shaman. They have Blood Trail.
    Same as the previous one, as a dot it's a waste of gcd. But it has a slow, and that might come in handy for the Support Druids. Can also be used as interupter for some Compass packs.

The Neutral faction races.

  • A Priden Druid is a Trapper. They have Ferocity.
    If you're an old player, I have to disappoint you. It's not the oldschool Ferocity doing huge damage by your pet. It's a CC, done by your pet. So that won't work out well. Pet easily falls back. And cc's diminish eachother quickly, altho is can be annoying for the target.​


The Engineer

Engineer Racial Ability

The League faction races.

  • A Kanian Engineer is a Mechanic. They have Evil Genius.
    It's a great racial, if you were not already doing this permanently as a support. Could be good for when you're a DPS somewhere solo, pvping. But a bit redundant.

  • Gibberling Engineer is a Cannoneer. They have Firecracker.
    This is a nice CC I'd use often if not for Flash Charge. The downside on this is that the small dot on it sometimes breaks long cc'd targets. If it had no dot, it was definitely the best racial for an Engineer.

The Empire faction races.

  • A Xadaganian Engineer is a Gunner(class)/Builder(skill desc). They have Flash Charge.
    I consider this as one of the best Racial for an Engineer to use. A frontal cone aoe CC.

  • An Arisen Engineer is an Inventor. They have Magic Injection.
    Great to use on your own Colossus. Other than that similar to Evil Genius quite redundant. Unless on DPS spec, and in PvP.


The Bard

Bard Racial Ability

The League faction races.

  • An Elf Bard is a Minstrel. They have Steel Luster.
    This is one of the more useful Racial Abilities among all Racials. Great for interrupting.

The Empire faction races.

  • A Xadaganian Bard is a Agitator(class)/League Missionary(skill desc). They have Foul Trick.
    Just like Sudden Strike, a good ability but it's melee so nyeh!

  • An Orc Bard is a Balladeer. They have Deterrence.
    This is a Racial I use mostly in my rotations. As for PvE interrupts as for PvP. A long range CC that doesn't diminish with any other CC in our kit.

The Neutral faction races.

  • A Priden Bard is a Storyteller. They have Sudden Strike.
    It's a good CC, lasts 1s longer than the Deterrence, but it's a melee skill. So not always as flexible.

  • An Aoidos Bard is an Orpheus. They have Poem.
    Poem is one of the more interesting Racials out there. It's basically a heal counter against getting dispelled. Usually happens rarely, if it does it's once or twice in PvP. So no real good situations to use this at. Good to know it exists tho.


The Mage

Mage Racial Ability

The League faction races.

  • A Kanian Mage is a Magician. They have Touch of Chaos.
    Not so helpful, random isn't what we like. 

  • An Elf Mage is an Archmage. They have Wandering Terror.
    A great CC Racial, could be used for PvE interrupts or random mass CC'ing in PvP when not focussed.

The Empire faction races.

  • A Xadaganian Mage is a Specialist. They have Astral Aegis.
    This is the best Racial Ability for mages to use in PvP. Very good shield that will negate completely most of any damage.

  • An Arisen Mage is a Sorcerer. They have Flaming Flash.
    Simple dot with a CC upfront and when the dot ends. Consider it more of an interrupt. Could be annoying in PvP for the enemy.

The Neutral faction races.

  • A Priden Mage is a Spellcaster. They have Crow's Wings.
    This Racial is usually used on bursts, but there is yet a better one to use, Synergy.

  • An Aoidos Mage is an Conjurer. They have Synergy.
    Now this is considered the best PvE Racial for a Mage. Greatly makes you use your burst abilities a lot more often there it halves the cost on your resources. Excellently to combine with your World Mystery Fury of the Elements.


The Psionicist

Psionicist Racial Ability

The League faction races.

  • A Kanian Psi is a Sage. They have Heavy Doubt.
    A very good aoe slow to help tanks kite, with a CC on top. The racial is underused.

  • An Elf Psi is an Oracle. They have Psionic Shell.
    Just like Mage's Astral Aegis, this is the Psi's Version. Mage and Psi are very alike, in many aspects.

  • Gibberling Psi is a Seer. They have Mental Oppression.
    A simple Luck increase. Could be used to burst PvE.

The Empire faction races.

  • A Xadaganian Psi is a Mentalist. They have Frozen Time.
    A nice AOE stun. Unfortunately already so many stuns in a Psi's CC kit, it will only diminish it further.

  • An Orc Psi is a Despot. They have Dominion.
    A pretty good Racial to use in, you gussed it, Dominions. Pushing people out is priority there and this is exactly what it does. I'd almost think the devs are hinting it.

  • An Arisen Psi is an Occultist. They have Maze of Pain.
    Literally copy paste of the Mage's Flaming Flash.

The Neutral faction races.

  • A Priden Psi is a Mesmerist. They have Free Rage.
    A nice passive Stress Reducer, but not really used as it's on your gcd.

  • An Aoidos Psi is an Augur. They have Switch.
    Interesting Racial we've got here. The situations I've known about is 3x3's where a Psi runs really quick to the enemy side, swaps himself with a healer so the rest of his group can keep the healer seperated, but that's about it. Could be used as a save in PvP probably too.

Unlock all Racials
Page from the Book of Secrets.PNG

Unlocking every Racial

Page from the Book of Secrets.PNG

P2P Servers

  • The Page of Book of Secrets comes at a default price of 100k gold.
    ​This Page of Book of Secrets can be bought from:

  • The League faction: Lovewise Catfish.
    This NPC can be found upstairs in Aidenus' Tower next to Aidenus.
    He's the same NPC that gives you rubies for every World Mystery completed throughout your journey.

  • The Empire faction: Mark Staritsyn.
    This NPC can be found in Yasker's Tower, next to the portal sending you to Yasker.
    He's the same NPC that gives you rubies for every World Mystery completed throughout your journey.


F2P Servers

  • The Page of Book of Secrets comes at a price of 374 Boutique Crystals, or 224 Premium Crystals.

  • This can be found in the Boutique, default button [y].

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