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Welcome to the page about Reincarnations.
You're going to find a whole lot here about reincarnations. What is really is, how it works, what benefits there are compared to the traditional alts, the ever confusing Aoidos Spark at lv70 and so on.

If there are still questions unanswered on this page, don't hesitate contacting us via the footer so we can expand our database with that information for you!


What's a Reincarnation?

A reincarnation is the modern and improved version of any mmo's alt system.
Where as you'd create alts to experience different gameplay of different classes, specialize the character into a different tree, use the alt for extra income, items, benefits etc.

Usually, that alt would be a 2nd character you'd start from scratch. Games like WOW have improved on their alt mechanics already by making mounts shared among each character you have on the same account.

In Allods it's no different, along with extra benefits.
In Allods lore, it basically transfers your soul, which resembles you as the player, over to another body, which is your reincarnation/alt, at the Reincarnation NPC so that you, the player, can still enjoy all that you have unlocked in the past such as bag spaces, questlog spaces, mounts, extra rubies, talent points, stats while starting a new character albeit as a different class, for different professions, etc.

What's a Reincarnation
Reincarnation Dialogue NPC.PNG

The League NPC allowing to Reincarnate

How does the Reincarnation work?

How does a Reinc work?

The Reincarnation is introduced to every player when reaching the maximum level of the current season, via Spark Hardening.
Depending what season that is, you'll get a letter in your post explaining it's time to visit Klavdia in Isle of Revelation, where you'll be tasked to do following repeatable quests:

  • 1st exercise: 10 times Clear the trial of Tka Rik (10 waves).

  • 2nd exexrcise: 10 times kill 20 mobs in KOE under the effect of a potion without dying.

  • 3rd exercise: 10 times pay 1000 mirra.

The 10 times each quest used to resemble the amount of days you had to wait to finally complete it, cause they used to be dailies.
Now however, they removed the daily cooldown between quests and players are now able to completely grind it down.
Having done this, you'll unlock Reincarnating.

It's some zombie mode of questing but the Reincarnation system is definitely worth doing so.

Klavdia starting the Reincarnation questline.PNG
Spark Hardening.png

​Your main character is called the Progenitor.

For those playing the F2P server, there is acces to 12 Reincarnations.
For those on the P2P server, there is acces to only 6 Reincarnations.

There's never been a clear answer from developers as to why, but by logic we assume that since F2P is full grind, they give you all possible ways to gain as much gold to convert to Boutique Crystals.
As for P2P, the whole server revolves around gold. So by limiting the amount of Reincarnations, they limit the gold income of veteran players, and thus the gap between newer and veteran players. It's a quite healthy system and a great idea for the long term, so this is definitely not a negative thing.
The negative side is that P2P players are unable to complete some achievements regarding that.

Reinc Achievement Class Master.PNG
Reinc Achievement Reborn Master.PNG

The Aoidos Spark and Reincarnation Jar

The Aoidos spark and reinc jar

Once you get to lv70, which is the level the Aoidos race starts at, you'll receive a letter with a Reincarnation Jar and an Aoidos Spark.

The Reincarnation Jar is what we generally use to unlock more Reincarnation slots, because by default you'll have 1 Reincarnation slot when unlocking the Reincarnation feature.

If you want more, you'll have to get Reincarnation Jars.

For F2P players, you can buy these from the Boutique. For P2P players, you'll have to be patient and wait for the yearly anniversary event where you can buy the jars for a Platinum Anniversary Coin.
For P2P exclusive: As of patch, you now can also buy them from Tka Rik for 500 Demonic Sparks each. 

The Aoidos Spark is what allows you to make a Reincarnation as an Aoidos and start it in their zone at level 70.

This is the only way to start your adventure as an Aoidos. The game won't allow you to reset or delete that character until you've completed the Aoidos questline which then allows you to change any character to the Aoidos race via the Hall of Changes (Page about Hall of Changes coming).

Most players that receive this letter, usually end up taking it from the mail, which makes the Reincarnation Jar expire within 30 days.

Remember that you can only do the Reincarnation once you're at maximum level, so you can't do anything with this until you reach the maximum level.

Only Nihaz knows why developers put an expiration timer on the Reincarnation Jar, but that means that from that moment on, levelling players are on a deadline to get to max level and finish the Reincarnation quests and use the Reincarnation Jar before it expires.

It is however possible to contact the official Allods Online support team and request to restore the item.

All in all it's best to leave it in your post until you're done with everything. The timer won't run if you leave it in there.

Aoidos Spark and Jar.png
Reincarnation Jar.png
Aoidos Spark.png

Unlocking more Reincarnation slots

Unlock more reincs

By default, you'll have only 1 Reincarnation slot when having unlocked the Reincarnation feature.

You can get more up to 12 if you play on F2P.

Only 6 if you play on P2P.

To unlock more slots, you'll need Reincarnation Jars. You get them on F2P from the Boutique costing 580boutique crystals/premium crystals each. It's not shown to players that already have 12 Reincarnation slots.

On P2P, you'll have to wait yearly for the Anniversary event and buy Reincarnation Jars from the event with some Anniversary Platinum Coins.
You do get 1 for free in the post every year when the Anniversary starts.
As of patch, P2P only can also buy them from Tka Rik for 500 Demonic Sparks each. 

If you for whatever reason want to delete a Reincarnation, you'll first have to strip that Reincarnation from everything it has equipped. This goes from armor to trinkets to Draconic Relics, Weapon skins and Costumes. Don't forget the Speck of Light either on F2P, otherwise the game simply won't let you.

Reincarnation Jar.png

The Reincarnation Jar used to unlock more Reincarnations

Why Reincarnations?

Perhaps the most asked question, what's good about Reincarnations? Why would I not just create alts?

Reincarnations in Allods Online share a lot of things. Also lots of currencies are shared which makes it easier to grind certain things because each character is only able to do that certain daily once a day, but you can do that daily mulitple times thanks to your reincarnation and the currency mostly goes to the same, shared, wallet. And the rewards all go to the same Wardrobe/Unlockables.

Compare it to a big family of children earning money for the same family.

You, the Progenitor, is the parent. The Reincarnations are your children. You all can go out and do dailies to earn currencies once a day, but most currencies fall into the same wallet so you can buy that item faster.

More advantages are:

  1. Mounts & mount skins are shared.

  2. Assault Shells, Assault skins & Assault Abilities are shared.

  3. Bag size is shared.

  4. Bank size is shared.

  5. The boutique tab in your bag is a shared tab among all your reincarnations.

  6. Unlocked Talent Points, rubies and stats are shared. (The ones bought from P2P: Realgar/ F2P: boutique)
    This makes every Reincarnation already stronger than any alt you'd start from scratch.

  7. Most currencies in your valuables are shared, so there is no need to mail around. Gold is shared by default.

  8. Achievements unlocked are shared, progress is not except for the later zones such as Eden.

  9. Everything in your wardrobe is shared. Both Costumes, Weapon skins, pets as toys.

  10. Anything boutique related such as (t2)looter pets, carnifexes, etc. Same goes for P2P.

The fact that most power increasing items and unlockables are passed through to your Reincarnations, already makes alts irrelevant. It's a very well developed system.

The point of reincarntions
Shell skins and abilities.PNG
Bag space.PNG
Wardrobe and toys.PNG
Currencies int he Valuables tab.PNG
Realgar-boutique power items nr6.PNG
BoutiqueTab in bag.PNG
Bank space.PNG
Achievements done.PNG

Next to all these benefits, Reincarnations also bring a nice bonus to endgame gameplay.
Every maxed level Reincarnation offers 2 abilities for use for your other characters to learn.
The Priest for example has Glint and Divine Foresight available.
The Warrior Ram and Adrenaline Buzz.

The characters can only learn Abilities from classes different than your current class.
The abilities are also weaker versions of the original ability, and share cooldowns with other Reincarnation abilities.

In F2P, there is an item called Sparkling Balm from the Radiant Strongboxes that allows you to learn 2 Abilities at the same time. By default, you only can have 1.

P2P does not have this option.
More info can be found here from our partner Luzy.

Reinc Abilities
Shared Reinc abilities2.PNG

Levelling a Reincarnation

Levelling as a reinc

As said before, a newly created Reincarnation with extra power than the 1st time you levelled your Progenitor could be fun. You'll have an easier time levelling and killing monsters.

It wasn't always as fun tho.

Levelling as a Reincarnation used to be harder.

You'd have a debuff that decreases your vigor by 33% which is a huge negative impact in power.
Next to that, you'd lose 10% of your current exp for every time you'd die. So dying at around 80% exp to the next level was really painful.

You had the option at the Reincarnation NPC to remove the debuff, but then you simply wouldn't receive any exp. This was mostly used to go PvP in the levelling zones. This was however devastating for the newer players as they were fighting character that had some endgame benefits such as extra stats, rubies and talent points which during low levels of the game were quite game changing.

As a counter-measure to that, PvP kills as levelling player now also gave exp, regardless of wether you had the Reincarnation buff. That way you'd just have your fun until the game pushed your level high enough for players in the PvP levelling zones to be able to oneshot you as a punishment for "killing low level players".

As of, they removed these disadvantages and levelling as a Reincarnation is a lot easier now.

Instead they made it so that you cannot use combat abilities from mounts and shells, which almost makes no change for P2P. It's mostly a F2P impact change.

Reincarnation debuff.PNG
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