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Grand Anniversary

The Grand Anniversary is a celebration of Allods' Anniversary.

Officially launched on October 15th, 2009.

Ofcourse, to us EU players, the celebration is held several months later as we're behind on patches due to translation requirements. Almost 7 months later, EU celebrates it. Given you an idea of the immense work required to translate everything from the original version, russian, to the english, french, german and turkish versions.

Because yes, EU is a mix of all these languages.

But enough about that, we're here for the Grand Anniversary.

Allods has gone through over a decade of updates and changes. It's an ever changing scenery and the game industry does not sit idle. Allods is keeping up quite well but is lacking in some of its events compared to other mmorpg's.

There is however an array of yearly events players can get lost in and tons to collect to flex at your fellow guildies!

In this article, we'll cover what you can do in the Grand Anniversary, what goodies you can get from it and where to find this all in the world of Sarnaut!

The Grand Anniversary starts off by sending all players an ingame mail with a box of goodies.

It's usually a Horn of Abundance and depending wether you are on the F2P or P2P server, an Iridescent Jar for P2P, and a Large Incense Kit for F2P.

The Horn of Abundance itself gives again depending on wether you're max level or not, 1k Shining Tears of the Dragon for max level. Anniversary Cider for levelling players.

Usually accompanied with every Grand Anniversary, a Lucky Moments is bundled along. Now referred to as "Smile of Fortune".

We're unsure what happend but the "Lucky Moments" was renamed to "Smile of Fortune" and no one knows why or since when :D

These are a series of bonus buffs that rotate over several days for a week.

Below, you can see an example of the 13th Grand Anniversary Smile of Fortune.

You can open the event interface from your bottom left corner, and press the simple "Go there" button to be led to the NPC's guiding it all.

Grand Anniversary.PNG
LM Allods bday visual.png

The wares on offer!

At the event's location, you can dance with the NPC there for 5 minutes to unlock the /dance2, which is a synchronous dance you can do with others.

As you dance with the NPC, bags will drop at random that can give you Anniversary Coins!

The other NPC offers all wares that you can buy during this event with Anniversary Coins.

Again, P2P and F2P have slight differences in what is being offered to you, as well as having an extra page with goodies if you're on the F2P.




While P2P and F2P both have costume chests in the vendors, P2P gets a full set for 5 Platinum Anniversary Coin. Meanwhile F2P has it divided into Headgear and Costume, but at a lower price of 5 Silver and 5 Anniversary Gold Coins.

Universal from here


F2P exclusive

All the items displayed in the Anniversary Gifts tab (F2P exclusive), have a set timer.

This year however, was everything set to expire on March 24th at reset time. The event launched for EU the 22nd, so everyone was only able to enjoy a good 2 days of it. The other 28 days of the event duration, it was simply on display.

You were not able to buy again after the expired time was past.

The Eclipse Cruise ship!

When entering the actual event location, the Eclipse ship, you'll be greeted by many characters of the game!

As an anniversary, every character playing a role in the story of Allods Online, steps out of their character and simply comes to party on the Eclipse Cruise ship.

You're able to talk to everyone and find out about hidden parts of the lore, the past, and what may be to come. Recommended for lore enthusiasts!

There's also a few activities you can do that reward you with Anniversary Coins.

There is Flying Sailplanes, betting on yourself for some sparring fights, sticking your finger into demon cages and the daily lottery.

The lottery is the biggest thing. You can win some fa(s)t Anniversary Coins, along with a great Lion mount that's pretty fast with its multiple leaps.

As for some leisure content, you can also go on a trip with one of the ships docked to the sides of the Eclipse Cruise ship that visits several maps of Sarnaut. Great for some boat parties!

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