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lv13 Rune skin

Cult's Heresy

Pyramids of the Dead

Sinister Dawn

Dark Rage

War Machine

Fire Citadel


Solar Crusader

Bloody Crusader

Restless Illusions

Impenetrable Darkness

Spiritual Flame

Rising Sun

Ancient Legends

Ancestors' Guidance

Eternal Winter

Winter Dusk


Great Grief

Greedy Eye

Wrath of Gods

Mysterious Twilight

Good Intentions

True Faith

Sinful Temptation

Bloody Day

Twilight Gloom

Sunset Darkness

Demonic Gift

Flaming Eye

Cursed Ruins

Dark Citadel

Lunar Crusader

Dormant Horror

Astral Nightmare

Clear Perspective

Azure Sky

Crimson Dawn

Madness of War

Civil Duty

Pole Star

White Night

Ardent Fervor

Black Envy

Frozen Pride

Imminent Demise

Unavoidable Punishment

Whisper of the Dead

Dazzling Dawn

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