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Welcome to Eden!

With patch 13.0 hitting live servers on 17/03/2021, we got introduced to a big new map, called Eden!
It continued the story about what Nihaz was up to and the follow-up of what Alice was up to, back from Suslanger.

If you recall, we helped Alice in the Pioneer Camp in Suslanger, which led us to repair a big gate opening a portal in Suslanger leading to an amazing scene where we jump between planets, so that we could end up in all that's green, Eden.

In this article, we'll take you into Eden and delve you into its goodies, activities and lore!
Ready? Cause it's going to be big!

The goodies

As most of you will be interested in the goodies and collectibles, we'll cover those first.

Starting with the Expedition




Rdyana Zharova.PNG

Both mounts stand at the vendor for show, so you know what you're getting. Now, there is a big difference between the mounts that the game doens't explain at first glance.
The Expedition mount, the Ambrosia Harvester, has a jump ability. The Children's mount on the other hand, The Gaur, has a shield ability, that applies a shield to the whole group. As a bonus, it gives a shield to the owner everytime you dismount, and it stacks with the ability shield. The Gaur is a recommended mount to get. It makes a lot of things for combat easier.
The Ambrosia Harvester was great for getting around in Melting Isle to get chests ahead of others, but it's now irrelevant since they disabled all mount abilities there.

The Expeditions' NPC can be found on your left when arriving to Eden.
The Childrens' NPC can be found on the branches on your left when you exit All-Mother's Sanctuary.
Both come at the equal price of Dendrite Coin and All-Mother Tears.



These little cuties are a tad cheaper than the mounts, but are purely cosmetics.

At first when Eden was released, the pets looked different, as placeholders. Players assumed we'd get pets we already have as the placeholders were older pets. It was a nice addition to find out that they were updated and correctly added to Eden.

The Expeditions' NPC can be found right across from the Mount NPC.
The Childrens' NPC can be found on another branch, on your left exiting All-Mother's Sanctuary. But you should see the vendor icon on your (mini)map when getting nearby.

Assault Shells

Assault Shells

Added only much later to Eden, considering Eden came at 13.0, these Assault Shells became available ingame in patch

The Scorched Cypress Resin and Pure Cypress Resin can be farmed per Battle for Ambrosia. You get 3 guarantee's from delivering  a seed to each spawn point. Then killing enemy seed spawn, commanders and players can give you a chance.

As can be seen on the images, the currency can also be bought with the primary currency.

The NPC vendors can be found at their respective hubs at the Battle For Ambrosia.

And some amazing artwork done by the game itself.



The Eden patch 12.0 brought a ton of costumes for us to collect, next to all the other things that came along with it.

Zlata Zharova.PNG

Starting with these 2 ladies. You might have noticed by now, but all vanity vendors from the Expedition are sisters, as they are all called "Zharova".
Heather over there is a lonely plant, but plenty of green to talk to :D

The costumes they sell are rather the lower tier versions of what you can buy at your factions' hub at the Battle for Ambrosia.
You can find the Expeditions' NPC on your left when entering Eden.
You can find the Childrens' NPC on your left when exiting All-Mother's Sanctuary.

Both of the costumes below are from the hubs at the Battle for Ambrosia.
The Expedition kind definitely looks more detailed, where the Children version looks very similar, but still has some more details.
These are sold by the name NPC's that sell the Assault Shells, respectively.

Following 2 NPC's sell the same things to the 2 factions. These are power-up's that are permanent, and they are shared among Reincarnations. These are passive buffs, or unlocking/upgrading your arsenal of tools to help you win the Battle For Ambrosia's.

Disorienting Trap

Deadly Trap

Cracked Bark



Love of Life

Trap Sense

Next up is a rather hidden NPC, but there are a ton of costumes to be bought from her. For the collector's among us, amen.
Personally I find some capes really well done, and the color comes out nicely. I recommend checking them ingame to get the real idea of them.
And ofcourse, some great RP cultist stuff.

You can find Maleficia behind the entrance at Gates. Took me quite late into the patch to find out about her :D

Maleficia de Doucer.PNG
Maleficia de Doucer Location.PNG
Tep's Cultist Robe
Tep's High Priest
Order Cultist
Demon Warrior Shoulders
Darksoul Worshipper
Demon Sorcerer Shoulders
Darksoul Orator
Darksoul Spy
Darksoul Ruffian
Darksoul Oracle
Darksoul Fiend
Darksoul Corruptor
Darksoul Cabalist
Darksoul Murderer
Darksoul Champion
Cloak of the Astral Witcher
Cloak of the Astral Wizard
Darksoul Acolyte
Cloak of the Astral Oracle
Cloak of the Astral Spy
Cloak of the Astral Medium
Cloak of the Astral Sorcerer
Cloak of the Astral Fighter
Cloak of the Astral Guard
Cloak of the Astral Canon
Cloak of the Astral Hunter
Cloak of the Astral Druid
Cloak of the Astral Enchanter
Cloak of the Astral Cabbalist
Cloak of the Astral Ascetic

Eden Auras

Special Eden Auras got added to the game as of

These are nice looking circles under the player's feet while granting passive bonusses while inside the Battle For Ambrosia area.

Eden Auras

These auras can be found at the hub of each faction at the Battle For Ambrosia.
Expedition will have to talk to Arkady Stagin.
Children go and seek Meadowsweet.

The Auras are for sale for the faction's corresponding currency, either Dendrite Coin or All-Mother's Tear.

The Auras all do the same, they simply look the same.
The tier II and tier III auras require next to their currency, to be "respected" in reputation, and complete a set of achievements from Eden. While the tier II & III auras require "Respected", the tier I only requires you to be "trusted" in their reputation.

Following Achievements need to be competed in order to get tier I, II & III Auras. Most Achievements are universal across Expedition and Children.


Every next tier has the benefits of the current and the previous tier of Aura.

Once you got them all, you will rock them all like down below!

Tier 1 auras


Tier 2 auras


Tier 3 auras


Battle for Ambrosia

The Battle for Ambrosia is a PvPvE event that happens 6 times a day. It used to be 5 times but as of 14.0, they added another game at 01:00. Praise 'murica!

Battle For Ambrosia

It's what you could be doing often in endgame as it's currently used to craft tier III gear. It's also going to be your biggest Dendrite Coin and All-Mother Tear income.

How much you get depends on your score at the end. Since patch 14.0, the maximum currency you could earn per game went from 50 to 60.

Battle For Ambrosia has plenty of dailies and weeklies to help you get more currency. And you can do it daily on different Reincarnations that belong to different factions. So you can farm both currencies at the same time.

You could also swap faction with your main character, and altho the game warns you that your reputation will get reset, it doens't. And because it warns you, I think it's a bug and you might lose it at some point. So I recommend simply farming it with 2 characters.

There are dailies outside of Battle For Ambrosia but those give only 5 currency per quest. They're really not worth your time so I decided to skip these and not waste your time.

The Battle For Ambrosia is about picking your faction and either fully healing Cypress in the middle, or killing Cypress.

Naturally, as a Child, you're healing Cypress. Expedition tries to kill him. Essentially, both factions do the exact same thing, it just has a different outcome.


The Western and Eastern Sources are the main points you want to capture and hold. It's going to spawn seeds and those seeds have to be brought to the middle.

There are 3 spots in total for each faction, and the seeds will spawn Invaders or Healers, depending on your faction.

You can still deliver more seeds if all 3 spawn points are already occupied, but it's only 1/3 as efficient.

The idea is that you communicate via /zone chat as it disables empire/league restrictions as long as you're inside the Battle For Ambrosia area.

The first team to fully kill/heal Cypress, or has Cypress above/below 50% when the 30m timer ends, wins.

The Northern and Southern Source were never active on P2P EU, and it's supposedly due to the low population. On other servers, they should be active and can be used to spawn more seeds.

A spawnpoint for the Expedition's Invaders, when receiving a seed.

During the Battle For Ambrosia, you can use sneaky tools such as Turrets and Traps to hinder the opposing faction.

Traps can only be placed by you every 5 minutes, and Traps that don't trigger despawn after 5m.

Turrets can be put on their respective spawn points without a cooldown.

On the map above, you can see some spots where turrets can be placed (bullseye) and Traps (bomb).


Placing a trap for the enemy.


Turret spots are indicated like this.

As you fight, after a given time, the game will check what faction is currently losing and give a Commander to that faction.

The Commander increases outgoing damage and defenses by 25%. The Commander should be killed quickly before the losing faction flips the situation and takes over.

Killing the Commander of the Children, Treebor.

Okay, if you made it this far, I probably owe you an explaination. Especially to those not discovered Eden yet.
Eden, as we mentioned before, is a zone that follows up on the story that happend in Suslanger.
In Suslanger, Alice told us we had to go visit her mother and ask her help, but her mother lives in another world, Eden.
With the help of the Gates-III, we were able to transport ourselves through space as it were, to arrive on Eden.
We didn't come alone, however. Felix and Catherina came with us.
Felix and Catherina have ill intentions while you just wanted to talk to the All-Mother.

Naturally, the inhabitants of Eden are resistent to us, and we're seen as invaders. Thus a war breaks loose and you obviously get pulled into it.

As you go out on missions for the Expedition, you get to meet messengers of the All-Mother that will guide you to her.

The first meeting will be a jury court where All-Mother judges you to die, but her messenger convinces her that we're not all evil, and gets All-Mother to bring us back to life.

Now we get to do missions for both the Expedition and Children.


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