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Welcome to the Engineer guide!

The Engineer is a great class to play!

Very similar to the Bard, it's a class that can be played as a support or DPS aspect.

In the support aspect, just like the Bard, it offers buffs to its group that increases damage, decreases damage taken. It can dispell buffs from the enemy and has a great CC toolkit.

In the DPS aspect, the Engineer focusses on putting down machines that contribute its damage while the engineer itself rotates cannon shots, which passively reapply buffs to its group.

Where as the Bard shines as a support for raiding, the Engineer is a slightly better option in group setups.

This comes down to being able to offer 2 mass puries where as the bard has 1, and the ability to have an extra defense ability at start where the Bard does not.

Compared to the Bard's AOE, the Engineer shines in it's single DPS.

Demonologist Predator form created by

Demonologist forms5.png


The PvE DPS build

Demo_Talent tree.PNG
Demo_1st grid.PNG
Demo_2nd grid.PNG
Demo_3rd grid.PNG

Demo rotation2.png


Aoe-Seal Of Chaos.gif

PvE DPS ratio.PNG

The build
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A final word!
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