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Welcome to the Paladin TANK guide!

The Paladin is for many a holy class that allows you to RP the crusader you always wanted to be!

The Paladin offers quite some utlity such as a full heal and a shield. It's able to burst greatly in PvP but has a low AOE for PvE.

Tanking got killed in 10.0 when Warrior took over, but it's going to be a thing again once 14.0 starts.

The Paladin plays DPS aspect in both Pve and PvP, and is a quite tanky force to recon with when he's on the enemy sidelines.

It's one of the 4 Tank classes in the game and thus has the same utlity toolkit as the other tanks.

In Tank aspect, it focusses on metabolizing its damage in its barriers whilst holding threat.

Using the damage in its barriers, it can do certain abilities based on that damage.

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A paladin guide from an old friend

The Class resource: Pledging to Light & Purity

The Paladin's resource are cannons of Light and Purity.

We pledge with our faith to get these cannons which we use for nearly all abilities.

We got 2 builders, Retribution/Vindication and Seal of Righteousness/Inerrability. And some more that build passively via rubies.

Nearly everything else uses those cannons, so we need to figure out a good rotation of abilities to not run out of cannons when using all of our abilities.

Sounds compicated, but it'll feel natural soon enough!


The PvE TANK build

Demo_Talent tree.PNG
Demo_1st grid.PNG
Demo_2nd grid.PNG
Demo_3rd grid.PNG

The Paladin is what I'd call the slowest tank out of all 4 in the game.

Limited in movement by Holy Ground, it has a big portion of it's mitigation laid on the floor with only 1 time the ability to replace it.

Making it the worse tank to kite certain situations.

Also the only tank that has a limited amount of absorbtion effects considering Warrior and Scout have a much bigger damage absorbtion mechanic, and the Demonologist being a fat stack of HP whereas the Paladin has only 4 barriers that can hold up damage. Any incoming damage lower than those 4 already in use, is full hit onto the Paladin, making it the worse tank for aoe tanking.

But it does stand its ground with quite some mitigative options, a great dps output as a tank and the best utlity with shields and heals for your allies.

The tanking rotation

Demo rotation2.png

The Paladin tank starts off using Rage of Light before combat to save on cannons and still get the 30% mitigation.

Once combat started, we use Seal of Righteousness and Retribution followed by Condemnations to spread damage.

Once the 10s (Vanguard) have expired, we can go into Holy Ground and Shield Slam combo.

From there it's keeping up the Condemnation dot's whilst rotating the Vanguard with Holy Ground+Shield Slam.



Aoe-Seal Of Chaos.gif

PvE DPS ratio.PNG

The build
Class resource
A final word!
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