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Welcome to the Scout guide!

The Scout is a class that's seen interesting developments over time!

With it being able to tank now, it's gotten a lot more versatile in it's utlity kit while still offering good damage on it's DPS Aspect.

Looking at the tank scout, it survives by holding aggro easily by spammable aoe, surviving by dodging the majority of incoming attacks thanks to a high up-time of dodging enhancers, and damage that gets through, gets delayed by 7 seconds for you to mitigate or exploit that damage before it gets to you.

On the DPS Aspect, you rotate poison DOT's while squeezing in hard hitting arrow shots.

it's the only class with the lowest cooldown on its defensive ability Swingout offering amazing AOE protection and your main dodge enhancer.

Demonologist Predator form created by

Demonologist forms5.png


The PvE DPS build

Demo_Talent tree.PNG
Demo_1st grid.PNG
Demo_2nd grid.PNG
Demo_3rd grid.PNG

Demo rotation2.png


Aoe-Seal Of Chaos.gif

PvE DPS ratio.PNG

The build
Class resource
A final word!
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