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Welcome to the Summoner guide!

The Summoner is 1 of the 3 healing classes in the game.

It focusses on single target healing where most of the AOE healing comes passively by rubies.

The Summoner has only 1 active ability that is an AOE heal you can use to quickly recover everyone at the same time, but it's scarce.

Every healer class owns the Purification spell which brings a necesarry utlity to any content the game thows at you. The Summoner is always wanted.

With a very consistent DPS on both AOE and single target, the Summoner is a great class to play both on DPS or HEAL.

In the Support aspect however, it's a devestating force to deal with in PvP. It's able to self heal the most out of any class while killing its enemy with DOT's or insane burst.

It has an ability that makes any target immune and it's an amazing lifesaver at that.

All in all, Summoner is a monster.

Demonologist Predator form created by

Demonologist forms5.png


The PvE DPS build

Demo_Talent tree.PNG
Demo_1st grid.PNG
Demo_2nd grid.PNG
Demo_3rd grid.PNG

Demo rotation2.png


Aoe-Seal Of Chaos.gif

PvE DPS ratio.PNG

The build
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A final word!
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