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About endgame gearing

5) How gearing up works

Gearing up takes a lot of gold to start with, but gearing up pays back in terms of power too.

Gearing up is what you do if you want to become better in the gameplay aspect of the game, wether it be pvp or pve.

Having a good gearscore contributes to be able to pump out good numbers to dps or heal, being able to withstand more damage as a tank or as a support.

Knowing the purpose of why you gear up is important because none keeps doing what he or she doesn't think about. We all might get a bump in our motivation and if we got no purpose to chase, then we'll drop eventually what we're doing and leave it out.

In the end, gear is important because it makes you what you are and affects up to what content we can handle, as a group AND as individuals.

1) How to get amalgam

Amalgam is gotten from various skirmishes and astral activities you can do in the game. It's always been a necesarry resource for upgrading gear too.

Amalgam is gained from:

  • June Catacombs​

  • Battlegrounds

  • Arena of Death

  • Anomalous Sector

2) How to get dust

Dust is required for improving (transmutation) your gear, but not to create it. Improving it gives you more stats per gear piece which increases your efficiency of anything in the gameplay.

You can get dust by running astrals, this will yield you Mysterious Matter. You then rework this matter into dust with tools.

My advice for the tools is to only use the green ones from the anvil NPC, as tools are not cheap and considering you can farm dust unlimited, the only bottleneck is your time.

You can also get dust from doing astral hunts, and then use that currency to buy astral boxes from the astral hangar NPC with your Helping Hand active.

3) What is Helping Hand?

Helping Hand, or HH around the players, is a buff you can activate whenever you wish to, in order to prevent using your astral keys when killing a boss.

This will yield you Mysterious Matter instead of Materials to create gear.

This matter is used to transmute gear at the anvil.

Players also use HH to farm the Observatory raid on easy mode for dust, without risking their weekly rewards from the raid if they would do normal/hardmode on a later time in the same week for their artefact materials.

This will not avoid the spark xp from obs' last boss, but that will be fixed starting from patch 9.1.

If you do not find your Helping Hand skill, then check your spellbook (default P).

Gearing up is divided in 2 different halves. One half is to be crafted on the anvil, the other half is crafted from your and others profession or completely praying to rngesus to give you the items you need from plain drops in astral (s1,s2,s3,s4, etc).

You can tell the difference by the swirling arrows icon on the gearpiece. The ones with it are crafted only on the anvil, and are to be upgraded via the transmutation tab on the anvil.


The gearpieces that do not have this icon, are the ones that you will have to get by either plain drops in astral, crafted from the profession you own  (depends on what type you need: plate, leather & cloth) or simply buy from other players that can craft it for you, yes the crafted ones from professions are tradeable.

What about the gears from astral drops and profession crafted, how do I improve their %'s?

Well you can't until both offensive and defensive %'s are above 90. If not, then you will have to continue grinding for that piece until you have both on 90/90 in order to be able to upgrade it up to 115%.


Finally got an item that's 90/90 or higher? Great! Then it's a keeper :)

Now in order to upgrade it, you will need insignia's. Not the ones to change your stats around, but the ones you get from these chests.

3x3/6x6 vendor

You can get these chests from either heroics (compass) or from certain NPC's that sell these for their requested currency.

The insignia's in these chests will allow you to upgrade your gear. The standard ones will upgrade them up to 103%, then 106%, the next ones 109% and so on.

Where to get higher %'s?

Higher level of heroic astral, or having a higher rank in 3x3/6x6 in order for them to appear in the store.

You will also need amalgam, along with gold, to gear up. These are used at the anvil forge either to create or improve the gear pieces.








As last ingredient for improving your gear (transmutation) you will need dust.

You may find problems to farm dust in astal while having Astral keys, no fear! Check out Helping Hand.

When upgrading gear, you might sometimes see this.

This does not mean that it is bugged. It simply tells you that you have no gear to transmute (improve).


Not upgradeable

Helping Hand

Tools, the struggle of the many.

There are 3 kinds of tools that the game offers in order to have a difference between players powerwise.

The standard tools are the cheapest ones. But also yield you the lowest quality.

Then there are the expensive fabled ones. You can get these by either crafting from your profession, buying from other players, buying from the 3x3/6x6 vendor, your order NPC (every 2 weeks only) or from Collector Editions.

These offer quality tho and should be used mainly when reworking materials gotten from your astral keys. Not on Mysterious Matter.

Then as last kind of tool, is the most powerful and rarest one, Dominion Tools.

As these speak for themselves, they can only be received weekly from the NPC that requires realgar, and gives you these tools for them.

You can also get these from Collector Editions.

















As you notice, on your materials or on your dust, there are 3 number given. Each means how much they give, depending what kind of tools is used on them.

4) Tools


Standard                  Fabled               Dominion

Usually the Standard tools are used for Mysterious Matter, The fabled and dominion tools are used for the Mysterious Material.

Mysterious Material is your only limited resource because that's linked to your astral keys. 

If you no longer have astral keys, then you will no longer be able to get Mysterious Material, and so you can no longer craft more gear.

And you really are limited to only

14 astral keys/day.

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