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Smuggler's Paradise update 13/02 - 26/02/2023

Heyy Sarnautions!

It's been 2 weeks since a last update, so we might be able to cover some more :D

We'll start by going over the population updates, as most people ask about that first.




As you can see the comparison between our last look and now, very little has changed. It seems our population numbers have hit a wall and is struggling to increase by a lot.

What this causes is unsure but most likely the end of the last season of 13.1 is nearing, and thus people are wandering off to other adventures until Allods is as far as 14.0.

2 weeks ago

I am hoping 14.0 won't disappoint players and will be able to keep a minimum population of around 60, along with many new interested players coming to take a peek at it.

14.0 will bring a new zone, a new level cap, and quite some tank changes, so it should be a promising breath of fresh air.

The retention table shows a dwindling amount of new players, but most importantly older players are disappearing. Very sadge.



Dominions have been the same boring snoozefest it's been since I started keeping this blog. The only solution to this I can think of is that simply more players join in, make guilds, and start working on something in this server. You the reader, are the solution to this problem. Alas we cannot do more than play and wait for more to come.



Looking at the ratings from now compared to 2 weeks ago, we did manage to shorten the timer on the lv22 by about 7 minutes, but that's as good as it's going to get. Many simple mistakes prevent us from venturing deeper into the astral, and with all compasses expiring just a day ago, I think that's where we mark our territory for 13.1.

Now 2 weeks ago



Some new releases from our P2P content creators have come around too!

Luzy covers a Eden guide along with the a showcase of how to join an Order.

Meanwhile I made a short video explaining what's to come in 2023 for Allods Online.


NEW CARNIFEX Another new carnifex animation came to the game!

This'll be on the website once it comes to p2p, for now it's f2p exclusive.


And with that, we'll end our update here. I am hoping for betterment in 14.0, and that many might return! As usual, here's a gif of a dancing elf in Eden.

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