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Smuggler's Paradise update 25/04/2023 - 18/05/2023

Hi Sarnaut, it's been another small month since our last post, so I thought it's time for an update! First of, apologies for taking so long. Been quite busy, there is more to do than there is time for it, haha :D

A lot has happend in Smuggler's Paradise meanwhile, so time for an overview!



3 weeks ago

This is what our population looked like, a lot better than before, and it felt quite active. Logging into crowded guilds with plenty to do!


As we can see, the population overall has dropped, significantly in the League. What grows fast, drops fast, and that reflects here nicely. Empire is keeping a steady amount, however still less than Leagues.

This of course, is over a period of 3 weeks, and a lot of great stuff is still about to come to Allods, so there are quite some exciting things coming our way!

Looking at our retention sheet, we see the numbers are dropping for a first after a while, but the average is still rising, showing still a positive change from whence we came. 14.0 Definitely did bring some interesting changes for us here.



The dominions have been interesting and fierce! Empire is really standing their grounds, even with League owning their tier 3 weapons now! 2 weeks ago, Empire dominated the Sunday dominions, winning from League easily by the use of smart and flexible tactics. The week on top of that, League took the lead back with a big score difference.

Last week, Empire and League were racing tie to tie for the topspot, and it got close!

2 groups of each guild, and fights for everyone!



LuPusDeii bringing the best of the Summoner healer to the front row of your screentime! Players rarely die near him, and it can be seen all in here!

Did you know? Because we didn't! There is a hidden achievement in Irene. TomeQ figured it out for us and shows it in his short clip here. Who would've thought over a year after Irene released, we'd still find hidden things!? Crazy!



Allow us to barge in at the front door, THERE IS A NEW BATTLEGROUND MAP!

And it's huge! It got added 17/05 on update and it's in the random pool among all the other Battlegrounds. More info on this BG is here.

On the same update, new awesome looking costumes got added to ISA! We've already covered all about it in our new article about ISA here.

The GUIDE CONTEST has come to an end on the 15th of May, which we touched upon in our last update. Many guides can now be found here!

To everyone that's contributed, a big thank you! We wish all of you high chances of winning!



We did quite some updates on Dragallods but never really anounced them. Here's the update list! 18/05: Updated the ISA page with new costume info and how to earn Gibbler.

06/05: Added following mounts to the Mounts page:

squirrel, Basil ,LB (freya and death wing), Chariot, Manachopper, Wraith, Parade stallion.

26/04: Added the Engineer's and Bard's weapons to the lv13 runeskin visuals.

21/04: Added the new Carnifex: Natural Ritual to the moa webpage.

12/04: Changed background on several pages.

Updated the reincarnation page.

Updated the Endgame Gearing Page to be in order with 14.0 data.

Changed background color for improved readability on text area.

Changed background picture to 14.0 theme.


And that about wraps it up for this time's article! We'll try to keep posting consistently. See you on the next update! This time a satisfying AOE kill!

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