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Smuggler's Paradise Update 16-22/01/2023

Here's our new update on Smuggler's Paradise population for 16-22/01/2023! In that week, we saw a decrease of 5 players less not logging in that week. Along with 7 new players instead of the 14 from previous week. Considering we got half new players that week compared to last week, there is a slightly more active playerbase than last week.

Bringing us to a total of 40 players logged in last week, League is still the dominating faction for a long time.

The few remaining empire players are holding on tight from leaving Yasker alone in his tower.

Dominions then! The Sunday dominion looked a bit better than last week! Small fights occured between Avarice(League) and TheDeathDynasty(Empire).

Team Luzy defended their fort well against Mikazuchi's team, albeit it double meaning, as Mika was supposedly alone. Praise Madraen for bringing back Empire only to leave his dedicated players fending for themselves.

Wednesday dominion however looked less impressive, as Empire player Legacy Ramos came to represent Legacy all by himself, sitting afk. Avarice could do nothing but fight their way to victory capturing all flags one by one. Smart move, Ramos! That'll teach them attacking Legacy.


Avarice's team made some nice progress in their compass rating last week too.

Bumping their highest allod from 16 to 21! As expected, Empire hasn't moved in a long while. Wonder if those 8 will assemble at some point and show League some of their game?

No progress was made in flying compasses. Perhaps they bide their time.

That is all for last week's word! I hope word gets around and we get to do more weekly updates on our small town-like server. See you guys next week!

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